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Celebrity Games

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Play Vanessa's Naughty Pics
Vanessa's Naughty Pics game free online

Vanessa's Naughty Pics Game HOT

You are a money-grubbing paparazzi and your job is to follow Vanessa wherever she goes to try to get valuable compromising photos of her. Do your part to feed America's obsession wit...

played 15.838 times
Play Cristiano Ronaldo 2 Real
Cristiano Ronaldo 2 Real game free online

Cristiano Ronaldo 2 Real Game HOT

Cristiano Ronaldo needs help to get out of bed after surgery. Can you help him escape and fly trough the window?

played 10.364 times
Play Amanda Brynes Dress Up
Amanda Brynes Dress Up game free online

Amanda Brynes Dress Up Game HOT

Amanda Bynes needs to get dressed up! Here is your golden chance to dress Amanda Bynes in the best of outfit and make her look as cool as ever. Pick out the right dress up and outfit...

played 9.978 times
Play Dress Up Barack
Dress Up Barack game free online

Dress Up Barack Game HOT

Dress up The new President of USA. The 2008 Presidential Campaign is heating up early. Time to connnect with those voters! Help Barack tune his look for popular appeal. Dress him, se...

played 9.723 times
Play Escape The Paparazzi
Escape The Paparazzi game free online

Escape The Paparazzi Game HOT

There's a big premiere at the Mann's Chinese Theater and you've got to make it there by 7 pm or you wont get in. The problem is, you've got a ton of paparazzi on your tail. Lose them...

played 9.404 times
Play Bush Shoes Attack
Bush Shoes Attack game free online

Bush Shoes Attack Game HOT

Attack with shoes George W Bush!

played 9.068 times
Play Elvis Dress Up
Elvis Dress Up game free online

Elvis Dress Up Game HOT

Always wanted to dres up the King Elvis Presley? This is your chance!

played 8.846 times
Play Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Tag
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Tag game free online

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Tag Game HOT

Practice your skills in the Street Tag game. Spray the tag areas. Get graffiti on as many tag points as possible.

played 8.762 times
Play Are You Drunker Than Amy Winehouse?
Are You Drunker Than Amy Winehouse? game free online

Are You Drunker Than Amy Winehouse? Game HOT

Take the quiz and find out if you are as drunk or more drunk than Amy. Alcohol, it's awesome. But sometimes like in the case of the drunktastic drunktard Amy Winehouse, it's just a l...

played 8.489 times
Play Victoria Beckham Kissing
Victoria Beckham Kissing game free online

Victoria Beckham Kissing Game HOT

Make David Beckham, an English footballer to kiss his wife Victoria passionately at various surroundings without getting noticed by others.

played 8.353 times
Play Peta's Super Chick Sisters
Peta's Super Chick Sisters game free online

Peta's Super Chick Sisters Game HOT

Colonel Sanders and his minions have kidnapped Pamela Anderson for revealing to the world that KFC's secret recipe is cruelty to chickens! Help the Super Chick Sisters save Pam befor...

played 8.347 times
Play Korn Super Switch
Korn Super Switch game free online

Korn Super Switch Game HOT

Switch the symbols around as you try to get 3 or more of the same next to each other. Super Switch is one of those ganes that you can learn to play in seconds but nastering it uill t...

played 7.799 times
Play Ricky Martin Dress Up
Ricky Martin Dress Up game free online

Ricky Martin Dress Up Game HOT

Go Livin La Vida Loca with Ricky Martin. Get to dress up a hunk singer, Ricky Martin, dress the way you want him to be. Make him look a real Dude.

played 6.850 times