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Celebrity Games

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Play Robbie Williams - Let Love Be Your Energy
Robbie Williams - Let Love Be Your Energy game free online

Robbie Williams - Let Love Be Your... Game HOT

Guide Robbie through different levels collecting the girls and let love be your energy! Run through the levels collecting power ups.

played 5.648 times
Play Shave Chuck Norris
Shave Chuck Norris game free online

Shave Chuck Norris Game HOT

Shave Chuck Norris. Cream him, shave him, clean him!

played 5.536 times
Play Beat Up Dick Fuld
Beat Up Dick Fuld game free online

Beat Up Dick Fuld Game HOT

Beat Up Dick Fuld, CEO of Lehman Brothers that he brought to bankruptcy by withdrawing 500 million dollars for himself and now caused a lot of share holders too loose a lot of money...

played 4.066 times
Play Jackie Chan - Super Fighter
Jackie Chan - Super Fighter game free online

Jackie Chan - Super Fighter Game

Play the super fighter tournament, defeat all the fighters and grab the super fighter title. Challenge the super fighters and defeat all of them surviving till the end to become the...

played 18.976 times
Play Alicia Keys Dress Up
Alicia Keys Dress Up game free online

Alicia Keys Dress Up Game

Dress up sexy singer Alicia Keys in formal gowns and cocktail dresses. Get Alicia Keys ready to perform on stage.

played 12.849 times
Play Beckham Golden Balls
Beckham Golden Balls game free online

Beckham Golden Balls Game

Beck's and his tummy. I promise you'll be singing the theme song for days. Help David Beckham keep his balls in the air.

played 12.072 times
Play Succession Boy Friends of Ms. Paris Hilton
Succession Boy Friends of Ms. Paris Hilton game free online

Succession Boy Friends of Ms. Paris... Game

In this love game, you will play with Paris Hilton and her succession boyfriends. Click one of them to help them spend the sweet kisses for each other. Level 1 Paris Hilton ends h...

played 9.918 times
Play Scott Baio Photo Hunt
Scott Baio Photo Hunt game free online

Scott Baio Photo Hunt Game

Whoops! You screwed up your pictures. Find the differences to make your deadline. Click on the 5 differences in each picture. It's everyone's favorite teen star. See if you can find...

played 9.120 times
Play Cheetah Girls Puzzle
Cheetah Girls Puzzle game free online

Cheetah Girls Puzzle Game

Cheeta girls puzzle, drag and drop the pieces.

played 8.710 times
Play Celebirty Yearbook
Celebirty Yearbook game free online

Celebirty Yearbook Game

Look at the old yearbook picture of the celebrity and try to guess which celebrity it is. Oh my gosh, how adorable! I just found my old year book from when I was a teacher at Celebri...

played 6.916 times
Play Conan O'Brien the Barbarian
Conan O'Brien the Barbarian game free online

Conan O'Brien the Barbarian Game

A sidescrolling head bashing game as Conan. Hit enemies with your giant head. You can't get hurt while ducking. Duck to pick up hair gel. (When hurt) You can't move while headbuttin...

played 5.971 times
Play Help Beckham Get Fit
Help Beckham Get Fit game free online

Help Beckham Get Fit Game

Get David Beckham in shape! You're Beckham's trainer in this one. Make him work out to get him in shape for the world cup.

played 5.511 times
Play Cameron Diaz Star Dressup
Cameron Diaz Star Dressup game free online

Cameron Diaz Star Dressup Game

Dressup funky celebrity Cameron Diaz. The beautiful blonde actress Cameron Diaz has a lot of fun in her wardrobe. Select the most suitable outfit for Cameron.

played 5.354 times