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Carnival Tycoon game

Play Carnival Tycoon free online now. Congratulations, you are the new manager of the local carnival. To win this scenario, you have to build all available at... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Carnival Tycoon game info

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Carnival Tycoon Online Game

Carnival Tycoon Game Description

Congratulations, you are the new manager of the local carnival. To win this scenario, you have to build all available attractions. Since nobody will give you those attractions for free, you will first have to turn your carnival into a profitable business by controlling the most important aspects like: build stalls, hire staff, manage your finances. Keep in mind: The Happyness of your guests is the key to success! Become the manager of your own carnival. Build attractions, stalls and scenery. Hire staff and keep your guests happy :).

Carnival Tycoon Game Instructions

Your goal: build all available attractions. Use your mouse to play.

Your guests walk on paths through your park to your stalls and attractions. To build more stalls and attractions, you'll first have to build some more paths.

Objects that can be built on paths:
Guests like to sit on benches when they get tired or while they are drinking/eating.
Build enough trashcans to keep your carnival clean.
Street lamps are very important to light up your carnival in the night!

Stalls are very important to satisfy you guests needs. Basically stalls provide food, drinks or relief!oder sanitary facilities J.
Besides that there are some special stalls:
Guests buy maps at the infostall which help them to find the nearest stall or attraction. If they run out of cash, they go to the next cash machine.
Balloons and caps increase the guests happiness— Don't forget to change the prices of your stall items to make some cash!
If a stall breaks down, you can either manually repair it. or you can hire a mechanic to keep an eye on it.

Guests love to ride your attractions f but only, if they don't have other needs like hunger or thirst)! To open up a new attraction, you'll have to:
-Place the attraction
-build an entrance and an exit next to it
-connect the entrance to a path using a queue
-build a path to the exit
-change the entrance fees to earn more money!
If you don't know how this works, just click on the ? button at the top menu to watch a short video tutorial on how to build attractions.

Another important thing to keep your guests happy is scenery! Vour guests will get bored if they walk through a park without scenery. To prevent them from leaving, try to build as much scenery as possible next to your paths!

To run a successful carnival you'll have to hire some staff. There are two types of staff available in carnival tycoon:

Mechanics inspect your stalls and attractions and repair them if they've broken down.

Worker keep your paths clean. They empty your trashcans and sweep the paths.

Don't forget to look at the statistics! If you don't earn money, there's something wrong :J. Maybe your items or attractions are too cheap Tor too expensive? J. Or maybe you Just don't have enough guests to keep your carnival profitable? You could start a marketing campaign or try to build some more stalls to attract more guests. Always have a look at the guests needs on the top right. The higher your rating and the guests energy, the better. The other needs of your guests should be held down.

Play the Carnival Tycoon Game Free online at GamesLoon!

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Carnival Tycoon Game
Entertainment Online Game info
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Game name: Carnival Tycoon
Played: 29.528 times
Category: Entertainment games » Life Simulation games
Author: Fastpass

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