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Movie & TV Games

Play Aliens Vs Predator
Aliens Vs Predator game free online

Aliens Vs Predator Game HOT

Stay alive as long as possible as a predator that is killing alien hoards until he finally dies.

played 12.929 times
Play Angelina Jolie Dress Up Style
Angelina Jolie Dress Up Style game free online

Angelina Jolie Dress Up Style Game

Help Angelina choose clothes for casual wear or for a party. Angelina Jolie s style has made her the hot celebrity. Dress up Angelina Jolie for the Oscars, or for her Angelina Jolie...

played 5.246 times
Play Arthur And The Invisibles LootShoot
Arthur And The Invisibles LootShoot game free online

Arthur And The Invisibles LootShoot Game HOT

Arthur's Grandfather disappeared four years ago, leaving behind nothing but stories about an invisible people less than half an inch tall. When Arthur discovers a hidden message he f...

played 10.114 times
Play Avatar Alien dress up
Avatar Alien dress up game free online

Avatar Alien dress up Game

Dress up the aliens from the Avatar movie. Get Jake and Neytiri dressed. Have fun and enjoy.

played 7.316 times
Play Avatar Jigsaw Puzzle
Avatar Jigsaw Puzzle game free online

Avatar Jigsaw Puzzle Game HOT

Cool Jigsaw puzzel from the movie AVATAR.

played 7.812 times
Play Avatar The Puzzle Game
Avatar The Puzzle Game game free online

Avatar The Puzzle Game Game

Is the avatar puzzle game, you must save the love!

played 9.413 times
Play Back to the Future
Back to the Future game free online

Back to the Future Game HOT

Go Back to the Future with this exiting game! Perfectly time your speed to be able to travel in time. Will you make it Back to the Future?

played 1.597 times
Play Cars Movie Online Coloring
Cars Movie Online Coloring game free online

Cars Movie Online Coloring Game HOT

Paint the coolest cars from the Movie Cars! Paint your favorite automobiles of your favorite movie.

played 7.656 times
Play Charlie's Angels Codebreaker
Charlie's Angels Codebreaker game free online

Charlie's Angels Codebreaker Game HOT

Your mission is to prove that you have what it takes to get past the ultimate security system. You are faced with a walls of code blocks, which you must break through. Clear them all...

played 6.153 times
Play Deal or No Deal
Deal or No Deal game free online

Deal or No Deal Game HOT

No trivia, no stunts. Just one question: Deal or No Deal?This is the addicting game of Deal or No Deal based on the TV game show Deal or No Deal. Select a series of boxes, whilst try...

played 12.071 times
Play Dragon Ball Z Hightime
Dragon Ball Z Hightime game free online

Dragon Ball Z Hightime Game HOT

A fun DragonBall Z type game. Collect all the golden coins without dying or falling off the map.

played 8.023 times
Play Dukes of Hazzard Poker with Daisy
Dukes of Hazzard Poker with Daisy game free online

Dukes of Hazzard Poker with Daisy Game HOT

Play a game of Texas Hold em with daisy duke (Jessica Simpson) and try to take all her chips.

played 22.648 times
Play ER Wheelchair Challenge
ER Wheelchair Challenge game free online

ER Wheelchair Challenge Game

Hurry, Doc! Your Patients are waiting! Pick up the patients who come to your ER wafting room looking for help. Depending on the type of treatment needed, take them to the appropriate...

played 5.394 times