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Play Shrek 'N' Slide
Shrek 'N' Slide game free online

Shrek 'N' Slide Game HOT

Let Shrek slide and collect all those golden crowns. Let him jump higher and higher!

played 10.262 times
Play Lord of the Rings Swig and Toss
Lord of the Rings Swig and Toss game free online

Lord of the Rings Swig and Toss Game HOT

Drink, fire, and chance meeting are pleasant enough, but, well - this isn't the Shire. Bet money and try to throw your axe at the target without missing. What do the guys from the mo...

played 9.616 times
Play Pirates of the Caribbean World
Pirates of the Caribbean World game free online

Pirates of the Caribbean World Game HOT

Help Captain Jack explore the ship and rescue his friends. Move around jumping on platforms, grabbing keys, unlocking doors, and avoiding fires and monsters.

played 5.964 times
Play Kill Bill 2
Kill Bill 2 game free online

Kill Bill 2 Game HOT

Slice! Slice! and Slice! and more Slice! Help her kill everyone. Kill Bill Two the Game.

played 5.476 times
Play Matrix Side Scrolling Master
Matrix Side Scrolling Master game free online

Matrix Side Scrolling Master Game HOT

Help Neo save us! Do you have the power of Neo to take down all the enemy forces in this game? The following game is hard to just pin into one genre. You are Neo, the one, flying thr...

played 5.215 times
Play The Dead Marshes
The Dead Marshes game free online

The Dead Marshes Game HOT

Get Sam, Golum and Frodo safely to the other side in the boat while picking up coins.

played 4.834 times
Play Rambo The Fight Continues
Rambo The Fight Continues game free online

Rambo The Fight Continues Game HOT

Help Rambo slaughter some rebels in the east. Defend innocent villagers from the attacking mercenaries. Trapped in the jungle with hundreds of guys out to kill you - take 'em out Ram...

played 4.725 times
Play The Matrix Overloaded
The Matrix Overloaded game free online

The Matrix Overloaded Game HOT

Welcome to the Matrix. The Matrix is state of manufactured reality. It is manufactured by the artificial intelligence. When you enter the Matrix you will encounter the agents. The ag...

played 4.244 times
Play The Spirit
The Spirit game free online

The Spirit Game HOT

Become The Spirit as he fights crime from the shadows of Central City. Rescue a beautiful woman in distress dodge the bullets of a cold hearted killer and finally confront your arch-...

played 4.068 times
Play Transformers Autobot Stronghold
Transformers Autobot Stronghold game free online

Transformers Autobot Stronghold Game HOT

Build and upgrade towers to defeat the decepticon menace once and for all. Defend your base from the 50 waves of attacking Deceptions. Upgrade your placed transformers. The Decept...

played 187.509 times
Play Zoey 101 The Curse of PCA
Zoey 101 The Curse of PCA game free online

Zoey 101 The Curse of PCA Game HOT

Rescue Zoey to whatever haunting the PCA. Find Zoey first and then make your way to the exit in a hurry!

played 30.771 times
Play Shark Tale The Big Race
Shark Tale The Big Race game free online

Shark Tale The Big Race Game HOT

A Shark Tale race games, can you win the race? Race as different characters from the hit movie shark tale!Pick a sea horse and try to win first place.

played 13.417 times
Play Hulk Puzzle
Hulk Puzzle game free online

Hulk Puzzle Game HOT

Can you solve this puzzle of the Hulk? this puzzle has 48 pieces.

played 13.259 times