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Transformers Autobot Stronghold game

Play Transformers Autobot Stronghold free online now. Build and upgrade towers to defeat the decepticon menace once and for all. Defend your base from the 50 waves of attacki... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 187.016 times
Transformers Autobot Stronghold game info

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Transformers Autobot Stronghold Online Game

Transformers Autobot Stronghold Game Description

Build and upgrade towers to defeat the decepticon menace once and for all. Defend your base from the 50 waves of attacking Deceptions. Upgrade your placed transformers.

The Deceptions, lead by Megatron, have finally reached the Autobot's LG stronghold. With history in the balance, you must successfully deploy the Autobot defenses and defeat this deadly onslaught.

Transformers Autobot Stronghold Game Instructions

Click or drag the autobot icons into the city map to add your defenders.

Each Autobot defender has three levels of upgrades which can be applied by selecting the Autobot first and purchasing the upgrade.

Additionally, each defender can also have their speed, response or range values upgraded by using the LG LH50 bonus upgrades.

Each new wave of deceptions brings an increase in game difficulty.
Be sure to upgrade your Autobots and sell any ineffective towers.

Send in the next wave early for a time bonus. Complete all 50 waves for a massive victory bonus. Upgrade your defenders to unlock new abilities.

Play the Transformers Autobot Stronghold Game Free online at GamesLoon!

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Transformers Autobot Stronghold Game
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Game name: Transformers Autobot Stronghold
Played: 187.016 times
Category: Entertainment games » Movie & TV games
Author: LG

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