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Music Games

Play Simon Says
Simon Says game free online

Simon Says Game

A fun Disney version of Simon Says. When Simon says "Simon Says," click on the body part that he tells you to touch.

played 5.540 times
Play Spittin' Image
Spittin' Image game free online

Spittin' Image Game

How long can you match rhymes against Miss Rapper? Watch and listen to the Rapper's rhyme. Copy her rhymes by clicking on items in your rhyme box. Double click on items in your rhyme...

played 3.286 times
Play Stupid Dance 2
Stupid Dance 2 game free online

Stupid Dance 2 Game

In a world with no laws, where only the merciless survive, a hero shall rise and DANCE! Create your own dance moves. Add your own music and let the dance begin.

played 9.434 times
Play Sue Music & Drumming
Sue Music & Drumming game free online

Sue Music & Drumming Game HOT

Watch the falling symbols, press the right keys and hear Sue singing her song! Press the corresponding keys at the right time.

played 5.551 times
Play Super Crazy Guitar 2 Maniac Deluxe
Super Crazy Guitar 2 Maniac Deluxe game free online

Super Crazy Guitar 2 Maniac Deluxe Game HOT

A guitar rhythm game to test your skill and timing, with some great music by NG artist. The sequel is finally here with 16 great songs, 6 guitars and of course the crazy stick man! L...

played 11.657 times
Play Techno Surff
Techno Surff game free online

Techno Surff Game HOT

Grab the colorful music notes, but avoid the black and gray ones. Score as much as possible. Collect the good notes for points, the bad ones will subtract points from your score.

played 2.829 times
Play The Golden Republic
The Golden Republic game free online

The Golden Republic Game HOT

As a rock star, you cause the most destruction possible around your hotel. Run and jump on the bed just right to bounce the object onto people. New levels with new objects. When t...

played 4.725 times
Play The Jungle Book 2 Musical Memory
The Jungle Book 2 Musical Memory game free online

The Jungle Book 2 Musical Memory Game

How good is your memory? Watch the pictures and remember the sounds they make. Then repeat the sequence by pressing the numbers on your keyboard. There are 4 levels to complete. Don'...

played 5.960 times
Play Typing Tone
Typing Tone game free online

Typing Tone Game

This game has great graphics and teaches you better typing skills. This game is typing game, you can improve your typing in this game. Play the music by typing the correct letters

played 5.756 times