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Music Games

Play Dress To Rock
Dress To Rock game free online

Dress To Rock Game HOT

The dress-up game with an edge. Let's get ready to Rock!!! The concert is about to start and the rock stars are throwing a fit! They are not ready yet and it's YOUR job as the design...

played 5.261 times
Play DJ Dec Get Sorted
DJ Dec Get Sorted game free online

DJ Dec Get Sorted Game HOT

Help the DJ to choose his discs. Choose the plate where to place the cd's then send the cd to the plate with the same figure. Help Dec sort his disks. Use the left and right arrows t...

played 4.435 times
Play Go Boom
Go Boom game free online

Go Boom Game HOT

You're driving in a yellow beetle whilst you have to shoot attacking aliens with notes. You are the only one who can stop the onslaught of enemies. Use your sound system to show them...

played 3.874 times
Play Techno Surff
Techno Surff game free online

Techno Surff Game HOT

Grab the colorful music notes, but avoid the black and gray ones. Score as much as possible. Collect the good notes for points, the bad ones will subtract points from your score.

played 2.833 times
Play Punk-O-Matic
Punk-O-Matic game free online

Punk-O-Matic Game HOT

Select drum beats bass and electric guitar beats and make your own punk music. Become a DJ in this musical game! A flash music area where you can play the demo, compose cool music an...

played 2.813 times
Play LoopyLoops Bathroom
LoopyLoops Bathroom game free online

LoopyLoops Bathroom Game HOT

Fun interactive sound loop designer for kids. Make your funky loop, and upload it to share with your friends.

played 2.717 times
Play High School Musical 3 Online Coloring
High School Musical 3 Online Coloring game free online

High School Musical 3 Online Coloring Game HOT

Time to color a great High School Musical 3 picture. Check out this cool coloring game. All the people from HSM 3 are here. Cool! Coloring your favorite characters and show your love...

played 8.513 times
Play Patapon Beat Camp
Patapon Beat Camp game free online

Patapon Beat Camp Game HOT

Train and move your Patapon tribe through each level. Destroy obstacles, accumulate tribesmen and unlock rewards for yourself along the way. Hurry up, a Patapon festival celebration...

played 7.875 times
Play Drop Da Beats
Drop Da Beats game free online

Drop Da Beats Game HOT

Bandit has stolen the beatz from the Rhythm Nation. The Nation lies silent waiting to get its groove back. Help Nev to restore their tunes by dropping beatz on the Smile Radio statio...

played 6.423 times
Play Sue Music & Drumming
Sue Music & Drumming game free online

Sue Music & Drumming Game HOT

Watch the falling symbols, press the right keys and hear Sue singing her song! Press the corresponding keys at the right time.

played 5.561 times
Play The Golden Republic
The Golden Republic game free online

The Golden Republic Game HOT

As a rock star, you cause the most destruction possible around your hotel. Run and jump on the bed just right to bounce the object onto people. New levels with new objects. When t...

played 4.730 times
Play Heavy Metal Girl
Heavy Metal Girl game free online

Heavy Metal Girl Game HOT

Lay down some killer riffs in this fun platform game. Clear the level of the robots by hitting them with your heavy metal music. Collect the bonuses as the enemies get harder each le...

played 4.336 times
Play Scratch Simulator
Scratch Simulator game free online

Scratch Simulator Game HOT

Groove in to the beats of this ultra cool game where you get to experience being a professional dj. Enjoy scratching and bangin' to the music!

played 3.443 times