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Biplane Bomber! game

Play Biplane Bomber! free online now. Fly your plane through various maps, stop the evil force from attacking you, attack their base and m... Read more

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Played: 7.338 times
Biplane Bomber! game info

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Biplane Bomber! Online Game

Biplane Bomber! Game Description

Fly your plane through various maps, stop the evil force from attacking you, attack their base and make it home for supper. You control a biplane and your mission is to bomb the evil force's buildings! But watch out for the evil planes coming to bomb YOUR buildings!

Biplane Bomber! Game Instructions

Up/Down: Throttle
Left/Right: Elevator Controls
C: Gun
V: Flip
B: Bomb

In every level you will face different enemies, make sure you have the best upgrade in order to destroy them! Attack enemy forces In order to get $. Essential to buy upgrades.

- Enemy bombers will not attack you but will try to bomb your base.
- Blimps will neither shoot upon you or bomb your base - but make sure you don't fly in to one!
- Anti Air artilley & Ships are on location to protect buildings of the evil force - destroy them for extra money.

Once done, land an the airfield and make a complete stop to advance to the next level.
Tip: When landing, tilt your plane upwards and hit & hold the down arrow.

When flying with rear gunner plane upgrade - remember that the gunners field of vision is limited and you should try to give him the best angle possible!

Biplane Bomber! Screenshot

Biplane Bomber! Game
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Game name: Biplane Bomber!
Played: 7.338 times
Category: Flying games » Aircraft games
Author: Unknown

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