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Aircraft Games

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Play Aero Acrobat
Aero Acrobat game free online

Aero Acrobat Game

Fly your acrobatic plane for as long as you can without crashing. Try to fly though all the rings, destroy balloons and make some amazing stunts with your little plane without crashi...

played 6.094 times
Play Air Adventure
Air Adventure game free online

Air Adventure Game HOT

Help Stuart fly through Central Park and return to the Little's house. Avoid birds and cats, but catch the batteries or you'll run out of power before you reach home. Successfully cr...

played 19.995 times
Play Air Wolf
Air Wolf game free online

Air Wolf Game

Far in the future after an old Empire was down people have came to the point that it is senseless to wage star wars. They realized that an old duel tradition is quite a good way of s...

played 7.329 times
Play Battle Over Berlin
Battle Over Berlin game free online

Battle Over Berlin Game HOT

Fly a World War 1 biplane, and experience aerial combat in its purest form. Just the wind in your struts and blazing machine guns. No jets, no computers, no heat-seeking missiles-jus...

played 8.768 times
Play Biplane Bomber!
Biplane Bomber! game free online

Biplane Bomber! Game

Fly your plane through various maps, stop the evil force from attacking you, attack their base and make it home for supper. You control a biplane and your mission is to bomb the evil...

played 8.818 times
Play Blitz World Tour
Blitz World Tour game free online

Blitz World Tour Game

Drop bomb and create havoc in the city. Destroy the skyscrapers and some of the worlds most famous monuments by dropping bombs on them. Fly around your plane over the city bomb the b...

played 6.126 times
Play Blue Rabbit's Rocket Rush
Blue Rabbit's Rocket Rush game free online

Blue Rabbit's Rocket Rush Game HOT

Mission: Save your friends in a fast flying machine!

played 9.672 times
Play Bomber Jet
Bomber Jet game free online

Bomber Jet Game

Shoot everyone in the Enemy Territory. Collect bonuses from falling parachutes for extra health & laser bullets.

played 8.838 times
Play Bomber War Plane
Bomber War Plane game free online

Bomber War Plane Game

Another little bomber game. Drop bombs on the ships and shoot down other planes.

played 26.325 times
Play Dog Fight
Dog Fight game free online

Dog Fight Game HOT

Shoot down as many enemies as possible. During world war II, both the allied troops and the German army used airplanes. They used them to bomb the cities and militairy structures of...

played 5.343 times
Play Dogfight
Dogfight game free online

Dogfight Game HOT

Fight against enemy planes and bomb vehicles below. Overhead airplane dogfight style game.

played 5.166 times
Play Hostile Skies
Hostile Skies game free online

Hostile Skies Game

You are 'Billy Coppins' a fighter Ace in the French Armee de L'air. Your mission is to defeat Falkenhayn's attacking fighters and land safely at the allied air strip. You're a fig...

played 7.511 times
Play Red Plane 2
Red Plane 2 game free online

Red Plane 2 Game HOT

The red plane is back. Your objective is to destroy all the enemy bosses that oppose you. You also can upgrade your plane by getting as many gold coins as possible.

played 4.830 times