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Animal Games

Are you good enough?

Play Drop Da Beats
Drop Da Beats game free online

Drop Da Beats Game HOT

Bandit has stolen the beatz from the Rhythm Nation. The Nation lies silent waiting to get its groove back. Help Nev to restore their tunes by dropping beatz on the Smile Radio statio...

played 8.164 times
Play Flying Bike
Flying Bike game free online

Flying Bike Game HOT

Fly with a bike as a baby and shoot your enemies with plumber's helper. This is a very lovely shooting game. Shoot all the wolf jumping off from the sky but avoid the flying bird.

played 11.223 times
Play Gam's Descent
Gam's Descent game free online

Gam's Descent Game

Poor Gam! He must perform the dangerous task of collecting bubbles in mid-air! Quickly tap the left and right arrow keys to pull back the catapult, then press Space bar to release it...

played 8.816 times
Play Holy Cow
Holy Cow game free online

Holy Cow Game

Before you can enter the holy gates of heaven, you must perform a number of good deeds by helping the depressed. Do you have what it takes to be a holy cow? Catch raw blessings to tu...

played 9.550 times
Play Icarus The Cat Adventure in the Clouds
Icarus The Cat Adventure in the Clouds game free online

Icarus The Cat Adventure in the Clouds Game HOT

Icarus the Cat wants to fly high and see what lies above. Collect the gold pebbles. Hearts will refill your energy. Help this kitten reach the sky while dodging obstacles! Collect a...

played 7.437 times
Play Nuclear Eagle
Nuclear Eagle game free online

Nuclear Eagle Game HOT

A big giant mutant eagle has been spotted just further from the city. It is known that it flies around searching for nearby people and feeds it's children with the likes!Collect the...

played 15.429 times
Play Pio Pio
Pio Pio game free online

Pio Pio Game

As a little sparrow you can't get enough of all those delicous fruits up for grabs.Unfortunately some bully plush stuffed animals are trying everything in their power to ruin your da...

played 7.397 times
Play Porcudeath Animals With Jetpacks
Porcudeath Animals With Jetpacks game free online

Porcudeath Animals With Jetpacks Game HOT

Fly and shoot the incoming enemies that are wearing jetpacks.

played 5.226 times
Play Prehisto Riks
Prehisto Riks game free online

Prehisto Riks Game

You are Arnold, a prehistoric man that has to stop an dinosaur invasion. Join the adventure and defeat those pesky dinosaurs. Fly on your Dino as you throw rock hammers at attacking...

played 4.166 times
Play Puppy Delta Flying
Puppy Delta Flying game free online

Puppy Delta Flying Game

Look at this brave doggy! He flies through the sky with his hang glider trying to get as many balloons as he can. Fly your hang glider as you grab balloons and avoid other objects.

played 5.345 times
Play Red Dragon
Red Dragon game free online

Red Dragon Game HOT

You are the red dragon and you must shoot up all different kinds of opponents before they bring you down. Choose from a wide array of weapons to use. Take down mythical space enemies...

played 8.638 times
Play Seagull Poop Shoot
Seagull Poop Shoot game free online

Seagull Poop Shoot Game HOT

The humans have taken over your beach! Show them who is boss and re- take what is rightfully yours! Move your seagull and shoot poop to the swimmers. Hit the human targets before tim...

played 21.981 times
Play Shen Long The Spirit Dragon
Shen Long The Spirit Dragon game free online

Shen Long The Spirit Dragon Game

Protect your pink leafed tree from the small little grey guys. Gobble them up as quickly as possible. Defend the sacred cherry tree by cleansing dark spirits before they enter the fo...

played 7.731 times