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Animal Games

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Play Super Biology Adventure
Super Biology Adventure game free online

Super Biology Adventure Game HOT

You're the ultimate vaccine! But, to get stronger, you need to eat as many baddies as possible. Shoot. Eat. Grow. Bosses! Tip: Eating enemy bullets also fills up your power meter, an...

played 5.298 times
Play Tested on Animals
Tested on Animals game free online

Tested on Animals Game HOT

After years of experimental testing the animals have devised a plan to escape! Using the distraction of a nearby festival each creature will use bunches of balloons to float to safet...

played 4.672 times
Play The Flying Piggy Bank
The Flying Piggy Bank game free online

The Flying Piggy Bank Game

Fly the Flying Piggybank and collect the numbers in the correct order while avoiding bombs.

played 7.560 times
Play Tobby Balloon
Tobby Balloon game free online

Tobby Balloon Game

Help save Tonny the dog! Tonny is tied onto a balloon. Make sure he gets to the other side unharmed. Use the fan to make the balloon float and fly the dog to safety away from hazards.

played 5.527 times
Play Turtle Flight
Turtle Flight game free online

Turtle Flight Game HOT

Help the turtle reach his spaceship. Collect all the flowers to complete each level, remember to refuel on time and try to collect extra lives on the way. Avoid collisions with other...

played 3.355 times
Play Virtua Worm
Virtua Worm game free online

Virtua Worm Game HOT

Virtual Worm cannot stay in cyber tunnel for long. The longer he stays the more his life bar decreases. Stay alive as long as possible. Fly through the tunnel as a virtua worm, colle...

played 5.405 times