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Dragon Year Of The Ox game

Play Dragon Year Of The Ox free online now. The Year of the Ox is upon us. You are a young dragon who is seeking good fortune in the new year. Y... Read more

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Played: 6.013 times
Dragon Year Of The Ox game info

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Dragon Year Of The Ox Online Game

Dragon Year Of The Ox Game Description

The Year of the Ox is upon us. You are a young dragon who is seeking good fortune in the new year. You must travel through space, while acquiring as much luck as you can, to grow into a strong, healthy dragon.

Dragon Year Of The Ox Game Instructions

Movement: Navigate space by moving your mouse cursor around the screen. You will need to contact or avoid certain objects to be successful.

Luck: As you travel through space, you will encounter lucky gold oxen. To eat a gold ox, bring the head of your dragon into contact with it. Each ox you eat will grant you one point of luck and lengthen your body by one segment. Try to accumulate as much luck as possible throughout your journey.

Zodiac Animals: While in space, you will also encounter each animal of the Chinese Zodiac, starting with the Tiger and ending with the Ox. When you make contact with a zodiac animal, you will progress to the next animal in the sequence. Your journey will end once you have contacted all twelve animals of the zodiac, so avoid them!

Special Powers: Each dragon has a unique ability, which will prove useful throughout your journey. Consuming suns will allow you to unleash your special power. To use your special ability, click the mouse button. Your dragon's head will glow for five seconds once its power is used and you will not be able to use its power again until after this cool down period ends. Special abilities cost one sun to use.

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Dragon Year Of The Ox Game
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Game name: Dragon Year Of The Ox
Played: 6.013 times
Category: Flying games » Animal games
Author: John M. Zuick

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