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Super Biology Adventure game

Play Super Biology Adventure free online now. You're the ultimate vaccine! But, to get stronger, you need to eat as many baddies as possible. Shoo... Read more

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Played: 3.506 times
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Super Biology Adventure Online Game

Super Biology Adventure Game Description

You're the ultimate vaccine! But, to get stronger, you need to eat as many baddies as possible. Shoot. Eat. Grow. Bosses! Tip: Eating enemy bullets also fills up your power meter, and fast!

Super Biology Adventure Game Instructions

Shoot enemies to make them shrink! Hold 'D' or 'H' to shoot, (be sure to set your controls in the options/pause menu)

When an enemy is small enough, you can eat them! Get close to the enemy. Press'S' or 'J' to eat. Edible enemies will glow! Eating also fills up your power bar.

Hold the secondary tire key to charge it up! Press 'A' or 'K' to fire secondary weapon.

Fill the bar J tunes and your firepower increases!

The bar at the top shows how much you've eaten so far. The bigger it is, the more you'll grow!

That's all you need to know, good luck!

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Super Biology Adventure Game
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Game name: Super Biology Adventure
Played: 3.506 times
Category: Flying games » Animal games
Author: Matt Bush

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