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Flying Games

Can you beat it?

Play Flight Simulator Get That Jet
Flight Simulator Get That Jet game free online

Flight Simulator Get That Jet Game HOT

How far can you throw? Grab the paper plane with your mouse and fling it as far as you can! Throw the paper airplane at the perfect angle for the longest distance. Takes practice.

played 16.997 times
Play Flying Bike
Flying Bike game free online

Flying Bike Game HOT

Fly with a bike as a baby and shoot your enemies with plumber's helper. This is a very lovely shooting game. Shoot all the wolf jumping off from the sky but avoid the flying bird.

played 11.253 times
Play Flying Spaghetti Monster
Flying Spaghetti Monster game free online

Flying Spaghetti Monster Game

As the flying spaghetti monster, you must convert as many people into Pastafarians as you can before time runs out! Try to convert helpless humans into Pastafarians in the limited ti...

played 7.595 times
Play Free Fall
Free Fall game free online

Free Fall Game

You're an alien and you are falling. Dodging the mines that come at you.

played 4.681 times
Play Freeze Lifter
Freeze Lifter game free online

Freeze Lifter Game

Rescue the frozen people and bring them back to base. Dont crash! Complete all 5 levels to finish the game and save humanity. Fly your chopper to save the stranded people in the froz...

played 4.618 times
Play From Space with Love
From Space with Love game free online

From Space with Love Game

You are a peaceful alien from planet Zethra. Your mission on Earth is to make people stop killing each other and to teach them to live in peace and harmony. After years of studying h...

played 10.866 times
Play Gam's Descent
Gam's Descent game free online

Gam's Descent Game

Poor Gam! He must perform the dangerous task of collecting bubbles in mid-air! Quickly tap the left and right arrow keys to pull back the catapult, then press Space bar to release it...

played 8.837 times
Play Gaxoc II Evil Invader
Gaxoc II Evil Invader game free online

Gaxoc II Evil Invader Game

Action top-down space shooter. Beware of multiple enemies.

played 5.944 times
Play German Air Force
German Air Force game free online

German Air Force Game

Drop bombs and the armored vehicles below while dodging enemy fire. Fly your jet around bomb tanks and other jeep trucks shooting missiles at you.

played 35.184 times
Play GI Jetpack
GI Jetpack game free online

GI Jetpack Game HOT

Shut up and sit down soldier. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to carefully navigate trough the dangerous terrain ahead of you. Carefully guide and repulse avoid your...

played 2.788 times
Play Global Rescue
Global Rescue game free online

Global Rescue Game

A dangerous rescue mission awaits you. Fly your Royal Air Force combat helicopter into enemy territory as you are pelted with rocket fire. Your goal is to rescue the abductees. You r...

played 4.783 times
Play Glowmonkey Vs The Meltdown
Glowmonkey Vs The Meltdown game free online

Glowmonkey Vs The Meltdown Game HOT

Fly your ship as you shoot enemies and not let them pass you. Watch out for those boss enemies. Glowmonkey must stop his nemesis, Dolly Lamba, from destroying the earth. Dolly is mel...

played 4.690 times
Play Golden Clock Flash Fighter
Golden Clock Flash Fighter game free online

Golden Clock Flash Fighter Game HOT

They keyhole club has struck again! The Clock Crew needs you. They have stolen all our Clock flashes from the containment system! Buy upgrades and fire 3 types of lasers at 3 types o...

played 4.743 times