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Flying Games

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Play Chopper Drop
Chopper Drop game free online

Chopper Drop Game HOT

Blow up the buildings before you crash into them!

played 4.446 times
Play Clinic The Second Line
Clinic The Second Line game free online

Clinic The Second Line Game

A naughty fly wants all of the blue miniglobes. Can he get it? Try it. Explore a house as a fly.

played 7.101 times
Play Colony Queen
Colony Queen game free online

Colony Queen Game HOT

You are lonely honey bee aiming to build your own colony. To achieve this aim you need to enter in different gardens and make as many friends as possible by touching them within the...

played 7.255 times
Play Comet Blaster
Comet Blaster game free online

Comet Blaster Game HOT

An action packed retro game of Asteroids. Shoot the metal asteroids, more keep coming, grab powerups. Bust some comets! Match the bullet color to the comet color for bonuses. An Aste...

played 8.620 times
Play Condor Cowboys
Condor Cowboys game free online

Condor Cowboys Game HOT

Grab the red orbs and return them to the generator. Avoid the other enemies on birds. Knock bandits off for bonus points. But be careful you don't bet knocked off yourself!Look out f...

played 6.884 times
Play Crazy Koala
Crazy Koala game free online

Crazy Koala Game

This Koala is as mad as they come. Play this funny game and enjoy yourself. A crazy koala has grabbed a hold of a rocket and is now flying through the air. Only you can save him! Gra...

played 6.758 times
Play Cross Fire Air
Cross Fire Air game free online

Cross Fire Air Game

You will have lo surulue under enemy crossfire without backup. A difficult shooting and flying game.

played 6.172 times
Play Crow in Hell
Crow in Hell game free online

Crow in Hell Game

After being unfortunately shot down to hell by a redneck hunter, the crow must find its way out of the tunnels and back outside so it can get its revenge! Avoid traps and try to stay...

played 8.027 times
Play Cubefield
Cubefield game free online

Cubefield Game HOT

Fly your way through the field of cubes using the arrow keys. Go as far as you can without crashing. Play for as long as you can without getting hit by the cubes.

played 8.478 times
Play Cyber Ortek Flier
Cyber Ortek Flier game free online

Cyber Ortek Flier Game

Cyber Ortek, a creature that could be descripbed as a half-robot dragon thing which can breathe fire and shoot various weapons. You are Cyber Ortek, whose duty and sole purpose is to...

played 5.375 times
Play Cyborg Livestock From Outer Space
Cyborg Livestock From Outer Space game free online

Cyborg Livestock From Outer Space Game HOT

In the funny shoot em up game Cyborg Livestock From Outer Space you have to protect your mothership against evil chicken bombs and,... yes, flying pigs. Shoot the flying farm animals...

played 8.816 times
Play D'Bloon
D'Bloon game free online

D'Bloon Game

DeDee wants to fly with air baloon. you must help him. An air balloon themed DDR-styled game of pushing arrows as they pass the crosshairs. Go higher!

played 5.169 times
Play Danny Phantom Fright Flight
Danny Phantom Fright Flight game free online

Danny Phantom Fright Flight Game HOT

Fly your ship and dodge enemy fire while firing at the enemy. Grab power ups and stay alive. The sky above Amity is up for grabs. Which otherworldly aviator will prevail? First choos...

played 20.062 times