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Helicopter Simulator game

Play Helicopter Simulator free online now. Control a flying arsonal- and destoy your enemies in this dangerously addictive game... Helicopter S... Read more

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Played: 35.584 times
Helicopter Simulator game info

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Helicopter Simulator Online Game

Helicopter Simulator Game Description

Control a flying arsonal- and destoy your enemies in this dangerously addictive game... Helicopter Simulator is a essentially a "capture the flag" game, in 1 player you must collect all three flags (using whatever means). In two player mode either you destroy your enemy or capture their flag to win.

Helicopter Simulator Game Instructions

1 player- mouse to navigate, click to shoot( if available).
2 player- player one- mouse to navigate/shoot,
player two arrow keys to navigate, space to shoot.

In one player mode you can choose one of three helicopters with varying weapons. In two player mode you are assigned one helicopter. In both modes winning the game usually requires the death of you opponent's. Enjoy!

Helicopter Simulator Screenshot

Helicopter Simulator Game
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Game name: Helicopter Simulator
Played: 35.584 times
Category: Flying games » Helicopter games
Author: Ryan Berulosen

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