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Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero game

Play Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero free online now. A cool Space game of epic proportions. Take control of a squadron of blue ships in their battles aga... Read more

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Played: 5.739 times
Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero game info

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Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero Online Game

Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero Game Description

A cool Space game of epic proportions. Take control of a squadron of blue ships in their battles against varied enemy forces.You get to pilot one ship at a time and your squadron has no significant advantage over the AI squadrons, so the outcome of the battles depend on your playing skills! Fly your spaceship with your squad and destory all the enemy ships that are around you on the level.

You have successfully established your position as acting Dictator of the Inter-Galactic Free Nations... which is odd, because the IGFN has been a long-standing force for peace in the universe, andyouVe openly admitted your plans to enslave most of it. Some have suggested that it has something to do with your aggressive use of mind control in all political meetings and debates, but most simply assert that THE ALMIGHTY DICTATOR KNOWS ALL1.
Either way, there are more pressing matters at hand. Turns out that most of the universe actually objects at the prospect of slavery. It's war.

Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero Game Instructions

Use the WASD keys to control your ship.
Spacebar to use your afterburner.
When you die you can select another ship of your squadron to control.
Hold the left mouse button to shoot.

P - Pause Game
M - Turn music on/off
N - Turn sound effects on/off
T - Display instructions in-game

Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero Screenshot

Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero Game
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Game name: Azul Baronis - Epsilon Zero
Played: 5.739 times
Category: Flying games » Spaceship games
Author: Unknown

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