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Decorating Games

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Play Modern House Make Over
Modern House Make Over game free online

Modern House Make Over Game

Move the accessories given to decorate the room just as you like. Where do all these stuffs belong to? Set them up to the right place. Many things to ponder about but you'll get it r...

played 6.801 times
Play Mushroom Home Decoration
Mushroom Home Decoration game free online

Mushroom Home Decoration Game HOT

In this cute mushroom dollhouse you can build yourself a new home with cute dollhouse furniture and adorable little mushroom house decorations. Help your doll get used to living in h...

played 2.147 times
Play My Cute Bed Room Decor
My Cute Bed Room Decor game free online

My Cute Bed Room Decor Game

Here is a good chance to make your Cute Bed Room by playing free room decor games and decorate as per your taste. I want to change my bedroom. I want to make it very very cute with l...

played 3.048 times
Play My Lovely Room  Makeover
My Lovely Room  Makeover game free online

My Lovely Room Makeover Game HOT

This is sweet little home. Help to decorate it in a beautiful way. Room Makeover With several different styles of furniture and accessories. Many colors to choose, but the blue is t...

played 4.197 times
Play My New Room
My New Room game free online

My New Room Game HOT

Sitting on the same furniture, looking at the same decorations each and every day gets dull after a while. Surely it would be great if you could get rid of your old stuff and start a...

played 1.969 times
Play My Pets Room Decorations
My Pets Room Decorations game free online

My Pets Room Decorations Game HOT

These pets make a mess of the living room! Can you help them put everything back in order so everything looks nice and clean?

played 5.169 times
Play My Xmas Room Decorations
My Xmas Room Decorations game free online

My Xmas Room Decorations Game HOT

Get into the holiday spirit in this special edition of your favorite room-decorating game! Click on the catalogue to the right to choose your items. Click the arrows in the upper-rig...

played 4.240 times
Play Nail Salon Decoration
Nail Salon Decoration game free online

Nail Salon Decoration Game HOT

Decorate this nail salon and make up studio for your perfect nail manicure experience and make over fun. Help this nail salon owner open up her shop to do your nails and hair styles...

played 5.518 times
Play Outdoor Christmas Decor
Outdoor Christmas Decor game free online

Outdoor Christmas Decor Game HOT

Decorate this lovely outdoor scene for Christmas. With Santa, presents, christmas angles, christmas trees and more!

played 3.917 times
Play Party Room Decorations
Party Room Decorations game free online

Party Room Decorations Game HOT

It is party time! Give this room the best party look you can possibly imagine! For birthdays or christmas which will it be?

played 2.374 times
Play Pastry Shop
Pastry Shop game free online

Pastry Shop Game HOT

Help to decorate the Pastry Shop! Choose the best furnature and pastries for this Pastry Shop.

played 2.195 times
Play Phebe's Room Decorating
Phebe's Room Decorating game free online

Phebe's Room Decorating Game

What does Phebe like for her new room? Choose the mats, pillows and other various designs to your liking. You can even choose the stuff toys for her. Let's give her a surprise when...

played 4.859 times
Play Picnic Garden
Picnic Garden game free online

Picnic Garden Game

These cute kids are going on a great picnic. But look, everything is in the wrong place! Can you help them set up the picnic?

played 2.790 times