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Hair Salon Games

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Play Barber Shop
Barber Shop game free online

Barber Shop Game

Help me get off to a strong start by by providing outstanding customer service. To make life simple, right now I am only offering hair cuts and shampoo service. Help me reach today's...

played 70.883 times
Play Hair Salon Makeover
Hair Salon Makeover game free online

Hair Salon Makeover Game HOT

Wash, dry and cut the korean girl's hair to make a beautiful hairdo!

played 31.095 times
Play Little Girl Haircut
Little Girl Haircut game free online

Little Girl Haircut Game

In Little Girl Haircut you can try out all your creative hair ideas on a real model!. Give this girl a professional hair workout, and alter her looks to something more modern. Kids h...

played 12.085 times
Play Hollywood Style Perfect Hair 2
Hollywood Style Perfect Hair 2 game free online

Hollywood Style Perfect Hair 2 Game

Cindy is the hairdresser of choice all Hollywood teen stars. Her hairdressing saloon is always busy and needs you to give her a helping hand. A popular hairdresser in Hollywood ha...

played 11.490 times
Play Sue Hair Dresser
Sue Hair Dresser game free online

Sue Hair Dresser Game HOT

Cut Sue's hair, dye and model it and watch Sue's new look!

played 11.430 times
Play Virtual Hair Salon
Virtual Hair Salon game free online

Virtual Hair Salon Game HOT

You need to manage your hair salon in the best way possible. Click on the box in the right-hand corner to begin. Greet your clients and help them. When you have enough money, hire so...

played 9.038 times
Play Extreme Hair Style Make Over
Extreme Hair Style Make Over game free online

Extreme Hair Style Make Over Game

You work in a salon which specializes in unique hair styles like dreads and bright colors. You know what to do: grab the scissors and get to work. Change the model's hairstyle accord...

played 7.384 times
Play Sue Hairstyle Makeover
Sue Hairstyle Makeover game free online

Sue Hairstyle Makeover Game HOT

What does a real professional hairdresser feels like? No you can't experience it in this game but at least you'll get the idea. Choose the type of hair style you want to start off w...

played 7.089 times
Play Sue Hairstyle Make Over 2
Sue Hairstyle Make Over 2 game free online

Sue Hairstyle Make Over 2 Game HOT

Change Sue's hairstyle, dress her up and watch her singing at her first concert! Cut the hair and then dress up this cute girl.

played 7.055 times
Play Hair Dresser Makeover
Hair Dresser Makeover game free online

Hair Dresser Makeover Game

Get your scicors ready and get this hair done! This lovely kid wants to have her hair cut. Would you like to help her? Be A Good Hair Stylist, her hair is at your hand... Choosing th...

played 6.446 times
Play Extreme Hairdresser
Extreme Hairdresser game free online

Extreme Hairdresser Game HOT

Be the best hairdresser you can be! Cut, dye, curl and dry hair of your customer. Manage your hairshop as you prepare people and style their hair and keep them happy. Don't cook 'em!...

played 6.089 times
Play Hairdresser Decorator
Hairdresser Decorator game free online

Hairdresser Decorator Game HOT

This girl has a huge hairdresser room, but everything is a big big mess. She has no idea what to do, maybe you can help her put everything in place and decorate the room?

played 5.926 times
Play Hairstyle Makeover 2
Hairstyle Makeover 2 game free online

Hairstyle Makeover 2 Game

Help me cut my hair, please make the new hair style right for me. Give this girl a new hairstyle.

played 4.628 times