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Holiday Games

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Play Cook For Santa
Cook For Santa game free online

Cook For Santa Game HOT

Play Cook For Santa. Get the right combination of ingredients as the food order above.

played 2.558 times
Play Cooking Mama Kills Animals
Cooking Mama Kills Animals game free online

Cooking Mama Kills Animals Game HOT

Behead, gut, and stuff a turkey while aiming for the coveted "Meaner Than Mama!". Cooking Mama - Mama Kills Animals is a game by Peta to raise awareness of turkey cruelty in the lead...

played 101.518 times
Play Creepy Adventure
Creepy Adventure game free online

Creepy Adventure Game HOT

A Cruel Magician, Kiruba and his army of creepy soldiers have created havoc in the city of Karpalo. You are assigned the task to eliminate the creeps and save the city. The creepy so...

played 4.624 times
Play Cupid's Arrows
Cupid's Arrows game free online

Cupid's Arrows Game

You think you can hunt many a hearts? Here's your chance to prove it. Aim and shoot down heart to earn points. But make sure you don't let the heart go to waste.

played 4.726 times
Play Demon Hunt Halloween Dress Up
Demon Hunt Halloween Dress Up game free online

Demon Hunt Halloween Dress Up Game

Whack this pesky demons with your broomstick to make some nice cash and get some nice Halloween costumes.

played 5.414 times
Play Devils and Cupid
Devils and Cupid game free online

Devils and Cupid Game

The Devils have caught the Cupid and taken it in their Pit. The cupid cannot fly in the devils pit, but it can kill the devils with his love cross bow gun. Beware of Devils, fireball...

played 5.638 times
Play Disney Halloween Hide and Seek
Disney Halloween Hide and Seek game free online

Disney Halloween Hide and Seek Game HOT

Mickey Mouse and Pluto love halloween! Mickey and Pluto need your memory skills to scare up some treats! Can you help them? Choose a tile and find its match by clicking another one....

played 47.714 times
Play Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding
Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding game free online

Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding Game HOT

This is one of the best snowboarding simulations. In this game you are snowboarding downhill and can turn left and right. There are gates you need to pass through. If you miss gates...

played 8.384 times
Play Domino Frenzy
Domino Frenzy game free online

Domino Frenzy Game HOT

Place the dominos all over the map to complete objectives. Careful on turns. Your objective is to create large domino chains as quickly as possible. The chain must start at the 'entr...

played 10.220 times
Play Doozy Gifts
Doozy Gifts game free online

Doozy Gifts Game

It's festive time in Doozy Land! And while Doozies are out for a spin on their personal aircrafts, you have the opportunity to play Santa Claus and shower them with gifts aplenty!...

played 4.820 times
Play Down Hill Adventure Guide Chucky
Down Hill Adventure Guide Chucky game free online

Down Hill Adventure Guide Chucky Game

Guide Chucky down the hill. Be careful because you only have three lives and there are plenty of obstacles. 3 lives to survive downhill sledding with numerous obstacles

played 6.113 times
Play Down The Chimeny
Down The Chimeny game free online

Down The Chimeny Game

It's Christmas Eve, and you know what that means! Santa elves haue been dispatched to their regions of the world to send presents down the Chirnenys! Using only there rockets (becaus...

played 4.854 times
Play Downhill Joe
Downhill Joe game free online

Downhill Joe Game

Help Joe race to the bottom of the hill. Snowboard over bikini women and other objects. Grab as many coins as possible, reach the end. Avoid all obstacles you come across your way by...

played 5.363 times