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Thanksgiving Games

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Play Antoine Turkey Shooting
Antoine Turkey Shooting game free online

Antoine Turkey Shooting Game

Shoot the Turkeys when they come into view. Shoot the Turkeys to increase your ammunition. Avoid the black colored bird otherwise, your score will rereduced.

played 12.715 times
Play Blasted In Blood
Blasted In Blood game free online

Blasted In Blood Game

A small town in Romania has been overun with turkeys! They call upon a stranger to get rid of them all. Oddly enough, this is the same day of Romania's "Baby throwing contest".

played 5.587 times
Play Fat Turkey
Fat Turkey game free online

Fat Turkey Game

Gobble Gobble folks! Thanksgiving is no time for a Turkey to just be walking around. Beware of the hunters while gobbling up all the food you can find. Move around eating thanksgivin...

played 5.490 times
Play Funny Thanksgiving Turkeys
Funny Thanksgiving Turkeys game free online

Funny Thanksgiving Turkeys Game

The turkeys are hosting a funny show for your Thanksgiving entertainment . Click the Start button and the pointer begins to move. Hit this button again and the selected turkey head,...

played 5.023 times
Play Making Turkey For Thanksgiving
Making Turkey For Thanksgiving game free online

Making Turkey For Thanksgiving Game HOT

Making Turkey for Thanksgiving: Let's join a Thanksgiving Party and should take a gift to everyone. What presents should you prepare to make everyone surprised? Maybe you can make a...

played 7.111 times
Play Thanksgiving Escape
Thanksgiving Escape game free online

Thanksgiving Escape Game

You are going to celebrate Thanksgiving on an island where your ancestors celebrated their Tahnksgiving. On the island, tribes consider you as a stranger, and imprison you in their h...

played 5.793 times
Play Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey game free online

Thanksgiving Turkey Game

You know, turkey is known as a symbol of thanksgiving. The turkey looks so cool, he would like to have a turkey dinner. Oh,no...we must help the cool turkey. Now let's dress up the t...

played 9.965 times
Play Turkey Got Guts
Turkey Got Guts game free online

Turkey Got Guts Game HOT

Turkey Got Guts is a funny action game where the Turkey gets revenge and shoots all the farmers that want to eat him! Cool shooting game, with upgrades.

played 8.117 times
Play Turkey Shootout 3D
Turkey Shootout 3D game free online

Turkey Shootout 3D Game

Shoot the turkeys as they walk around. Dont miss and get your hit quota. Gobble this turkeys! The Pilgrims are met with a friendly challenge from the American Indians- The challenge...

played 7.223 times
Play Yummy Turkey Dress Up
Yummy Turkey Dress Up game free online

Yummy Turkey Dress Up Game

This turkey does not want to be eaten just yet! He wants to have one last dinner with his loved ones.

played 17.220 times