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Chompy's Winter Rescue game

Play Chompy's Winter Rescue free online now. A freak snow storm has left much of Planet Chompton frozen, along with half of it's inhabitants. To help, Chompy has ope... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.738 times
Chompy's Winter Rescue game info

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Chompy's Winter Rescue Game
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Chompy's Winter Rescue Online Game

Chompy's Winter Rescue Game Description

A freak snow storm has left much of Planet Chompton frozen, along with half of it's inhabitants. To help, Chompy has opened a Rescue Shelter where he offers a warm place and hot food. Help Chompy save the creatures by participating in two different rounds. Grab the type of food on the conveyor belt and feed it to the creature that needs that type of food.

Chompy's Winter Rescue Game Instructions

First Round: Feed The Elementals
Use the mouse to guide Chompy's head and click to qrab items off of the conveyor belts. Press space to drop the items. Try to match the items to the elemental that would eat them.

You will also encounter Condies which con be dropped in Chompy.'s pot to recover a heart, but con also be fed to any. of the elementals in o pinch.

Sled Upgrades:
Modify your sled with your wages. Click the dollar amount on the right of each category. to upgrade your sled until you run out of money.

Second Round: Save the Frozen Animals!
Animals are strewn about in the snow, frozen solid in ice blocks. Use your sled to gather them and bring them back to Chompy's Winter Rescue Clinic. Using ramps to jump over trees, obstacles and snowmen will earn you extra cash. You will have a time limit based on how much insulation you have purchased for your sled.

Left + Right arrows turn
Up + Down arrows accelerate and decelerate(brake)

Play the Chompy's Winter Rescue Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Chompy's Winter Rescue Game Screenshot

Chompy's Winter Rescue Game
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Game name: Chompy's Winter Rescue
Played: 4.738 times
Category: Holiday games » Winter games
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