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Animal Games

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Play Monkey Jump
Monkey Jump game free online

Monkey Jump Game HOT

Jump out as far as you can to reach the Golden Banana. COllect fruits while jumping to add more scores but be careful not to fall or run out of time!

played 3.864 times
Play Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark game free online

Noah's Ark Game HOT

As a rescue boat operator to save all animals. Press the first blue button to play. Balance the weight for the boat not to sink. Rescue as much animals as you can before the time run...

played 17.716 times
Play Nurse Kitten Dress Up
Nurse Kitten Dress Up game free online

Nurse Kitten Dress Up Game HOT

Choose cute dresses and accessories for our little Nurse Kitten. So very cute and so many possible combinations!

played 4.583 times
Play Odd One Out
Odd One Out game free online

Odd One Out Game

Our bears looks so lovely and resembles one another but paying more attention you will find one odd. It could be nose, eye, ear or body. Choose the odd bear to finish a level. You've...

played 11.269 times
Play On The Water Tux
On The Water Tux game free online

On The Water Tux Game

You are a penguin and you need to race around the track as fast as you can. Avoid the ice!

played 6.002 times
Play Panda Bounce Fruit Collector
Panda Bounce Fruit Collector game free online

Panda Bounce Fruit Collector Game HOT

Bounce the panda and collect the fruit and other items above you. This lovely designed game is a sort of remix of breakout and fruit collecting. This is a cool game where you've got...

played 5.701 times
Play Panda Dressup
Panda Dressup game free online

Panda Dressup Game

I'm Panda. Please give me some advise to get well dressed. Thanks a lot! This Panda is so cute and lovely. He has many choice for clothes but he knows nothing about fashion. Can you...

played 4.870 times
Play Penguin Ice Breaker
Penguin Ice Breaker game free online

Penguin Ice Breaker Game HOT

The little Penguin is on its way to Antarctica. To reach the place safely, make the Penguin to break the ice blocks and the other marine mammals using the hammer. Use the right arrow...

played 3.884 times
Play Penguin Panic
Penguin Panic game free online

Penguin Panic Game HOT

Three levels of great Antarctic adventures. The penguins are in trouble. To help them, move the boat with your mouse and try to catch them. You need to catch at least 30 penguins to...

played 6.942 times
Play Penguin Sumo
Penguin Sumo game free online

Penguin Sumo Game HOT

Push your opponent in the water and try picking as much points as you can.

played 8.051 times
Play Penguin Swim
Penguin Swim game free online

Penguin Swim Game

Can you guide your penguin through the snow cave?

played 8.257 times
Play Penguin Volleyball
Penguin Volleyball game free online

Penguin Volleyball Game

Bump, set and spike! Play volleyball with two nice penguins! Will you win?

played 8.311 times
Play Penguinoids
Penguinoids game free online

Penguinoids Game

The plucky little penguins are trapped under the ice - you'll need timing, accuracy and keyboard skill to free them! A unique recreation of the Arkanoid game. Bounce the penguin a...

played 5.044 times