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Animal Games

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Play Puppy Delta Flying
Puppy Delta Flying game free online

Puppy Delta Flying Game

Look at this brave doggy! He flies through the sky with his hang glider trying to get as many balloons as he can. Fly your hang glider as you grab balloons and avoid other objects.

played 5.178 times
Play Puppy Dress Up
Puppy Dress Up game free online

Puppy Dress Up Game HOT

These two dogs are going on a date. Pick what they should wear on their date in this animal game to make the puppies fall in love. Wow, how happy this dog couple looks! Dress up thes...

played 4.620 times
Play Puppy In The Field Dress Up
Puppy In The Field Dress Up game free online

Puppy In The Field Dress Up Game HOT

Is there anything in the world that can beat the cute factor of this lovely puppy? I'm sure that if you dress up the cute puppy he will be even cuter!

played 3.956 times
Play Puppy Maze
Puppy Maze game free online

Puppy Maze Game

Micky is a hungry little puppy and he's also lost. Guide him home through the maze to pass to the next level. Collect the bones on the way to get a higher score. Our little dog i...

played 7.370 times
Play Puppy Racing
Puppy Racing game free online

Puppy Racing Game

Race with go-Karts and Puppy dogs. Race around multiple 3D courses and try to come in 1st place. Beat your opponent and collect as many stars as you can.

played 9.016 times
Play Safari Park Lion Ride
Safari Park Lion Ride game free online

Safari Park Lion Ride Game

Ride the jeep as long as you can! The lion is on the roof of the vehicle. Help him to maintain the balance on the roof of the car.

played 5.320 times
Play Salmon Survival
Salmon Survival game free online

Salmon Survival Game

Swim up the stream avoiding dangers such as fishermen's hooks and rocks. The further you swim, the higher your score!

played 9.865 times
Play Sami's Pet Care
Sami's Pet Care game free online

Sami's Pet Care Game

Help cute Sami to run her own pet daycare. Pickup the pets from their bosses, treat them with care, and return them to their bosses, when they come back from their busy lives!! Try t...

played 8.373 times
Play Sammy The Salmon Waterfall Leap
Sammy The Salmon Waterfall Leap game free online

Sammy The Salmon Waterfall Leap Game HOT

Swim and jump onto the "Beaver Brother's" (Bob, Bill & Bryan) tail to be flicked over the waterfalls.

played 4.669 times
Play Save The Mice
Save The Mice game free online

Save The Mice Game HOT

Save as many mice as needed to get to the next level. Catch them with your leaf and bounce them safely to the leaf pile.

played 3.911 times
Play Seagull Poop Shoot
Seagull Poop Shoot game free online

Seagull Poop Shoot Game HOT

The humans have taken over your beach! Show them who is boss and re- take what is rightfully yours! Move your seagull and shoot poop to the swimmers. Hit the human targets before tim...

played 21.625 times
Play Shark Tale The Big Race
Shark Tale The Big Race game free online

Shark Tale The Big Race Game HOT

A Shark Tale race games, can you win the race? Race as different characters from the hit movie shark tale!Pick a sea horse and try to win first place.

played 13.281 times
Play Sheep Game
Sheep Game game free online

Sheep Game Game HOT

The sheep have escaped! Use your herding skills to catch them all and place them within the fence. Don't let them escape.

played 4.473 times