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Animal Games

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Play Ice Slide
Ice Slide game free online

Ice Slide Game HOT

Launch an animal as far as you can with this nifty slingshot. Fly and slide on ice using sling shot!

played 4.555 times
Play Insane Aquarium
Insane Aquarium game free online

Insane Aquarium Game HOT

Get your insane aquarium goldfish to grow bigger and bigger till he's eating all the fish! If you're not big enough yet, look out for puffers, swordfish and deadly sharks. Really fu...

played 10.385 times
Play Jacomo's Backyard Madness
Jacomo's Backyard Madness game free online

Jacomo's Backyard Madness Game HOT

In this adventure Jacomo must fight for his food. Run and jump to get to the delicious apples and worms. The neighbourhood dog is always very annoying, so watch out for the scary bit...

played 3.978 times
Play Jimmy The Fin
Jimmy The Fin game free online

Jimmy The Fin Game HOT

Avoid Jelly fish at all cost. Swim as far as possible to become a legendary fin. Also try to eat as much as possible.

played 4.104 times
Play JoJo's Funny Farm Parade
JoJo's Funny Farm Parade game free online

JoJo's Funny Farm Parade Game

Help JoJo to lead all the animals into the pen within the given time.

played 4.177 times
Play Jumpy Jumpy
Jumpy Jumpy game free online

Jumpy Jumpy Game

Jump and grab the icons of food and gems as you avoid the creatures that are moving around.

played 5.529 times
Play Kangaroo Jack Outback Rumble
Kangaroo Jack Outback Rumble game free online

Kangaroo Jack Outback Rumble Game HOT

Fight animals in a boxing style fight. Jib and jab high and low through your opponents. Help Jack this Grumpy and ugly opponents.

played 24.399 times
Play Kirsten's Honey Bees
Kirsten's Honey Bees game free online

Kirsten's Honey Bees Game HOT

Kirsten's school is in need of more schoolbooks. To help out, Kirsten is selling honey made from her family's beehives. With each schoolbook costing $5.00, Kirsten will have to sell...

played 13.161 times
Play Koko The Hungry Monkey
Koko The Hungry Monkey game free online

Koko The Hungry Monkey Game

KoKo overslept today and needs your help collecting food so he won't miss lunch. Use your mouse to move KoKo back and forth, click to jump and grab the branch. Grab as much fruit as...

played 3.567 times
Play Let It Flow
Let It Flow game free online

Let It Flow Game HOT

It was a typical, quiet night in the Serengeti desert. All the animals forgot their troubles and were snug and sleepy. All, that is, except for some troublesome hyenas, out for a lau...

played 16.796 times
Play Lucky Ranch Dress Up
Lucky Ranch Dress Up game free online

Lucky Ranch Dress Up Game HOT

This girl is going to ride in the meadow. Could you help her and her horse dress up? What a gorgeous horse! Pick out a horse and a rider and choose for them the most suitable clothes...

played 4.065 times
Play Mac Donald's Farm
Mac Donald's Farm game free online

Mac Donald's Farm Game HOT

You've just crept into Mac Donald's farm to take a picture of the animals for your science school-project. Click the farm animals before they hide! But be careful, Old Mac Donald may...

played 5.171 times
Play Magic Feather Coloring & Dressup
Magic Feather Coloring & Dressup game free online

Magic Feather Coloring & Dressup Game HOT

Oh, what a lovely little bird! Tweet wants your help becoming the ultimate exotic bird. Choose your favorite colors and paint her. Then dress her up as you like!

played 4.501 times