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Cooking Games

Are you good enough?

Play Burger Zang
Burger Zang game free online

Burger Zang Game

Do you love burgers? Do you have what it takes to be the best burger vendor? We'll prove it. All you have to do is to make a burger according to your customer's order. Be careful in...

played 5.615 times
Play Busy Restaurant
Busy Restaurant game free online

Busy Restaurant Game HOT

Running a restaurant is not easy at all. Especially, you will be so confused when lots of customers coming together. However it is not very difficult if you are quick. Come on and tr...

played 6.590 times
Play Busy Sushi Bar
Busy Sushi Bar game free online

Busy Sushi Bar Game HOT

You work in the best Sushi bar in town. People flood into your bar everyday to enjoy the most authentic and tasty Sushi. Take the order from the customers, prepare Sushi, place it in...

played 8.595 times
Play Cake Baking Factory
Cake Baking Factory game free online

Cake Baking Factory Game

Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake. Bake as many cake as you have in 149 seconds, make sure to copy the cake design/pattern found on the uppe...

played 13.312 times
Play Cake Factory
Cake Factory game free online

Cake Factory Game HOT

Stack cakes and complete drink orders for Chef. Don't mess them up!

played 5.231 times
Play Cake Factory 2
Cake Factory 2 game free online

Cake Factory 2 Game HOT

Run the cake factory and produce the requested cakes in time. Press the switches, buttons and levers to setup a correct production line for your cakes. Be careful because the conveyo...

played 8.082 times
Play Cake Factory Game
Cake Factory Game game free online

Cake Factory Game Game HOT

Look at the order and prepare exactly the same cake. Choose from many toppings, creams and colors. And bake that yummi cake!

played 4.852 times
Play Cake Jam
Cake Jam game free online

Cake Jam Game

Fun Cake making game called Cake JAM! A fun cooking game for kids. Become the Cake Jam Master. Make the customers their delicious cakes as fast as you can.

played 2.525 times
Play Chinese Lemon Chicken
Chinese Lemon Chicken game free online

Chinese Lemon Chicken Game HOT

Help Abuela cook her delicious dish, Chinese Lemon Chicken.

played 2.600 times
Play Chinese Popcycle
Chinese Popcycle game free online

Chinese Popcycle Game

Dip sticks into the ice cream ingridiens and make ice lolly sticks that the kids ask for.

played 5.836 times
Play Chocolate Cat
Chocolate Cat game free online

Chocolate Cat Game HOT

Help the Cat create delicious and mouth watering chocolates. Pretty hard game.

played 4.504 times
Play Chocolate Packing
Chocolate Packing game free online

Chocolate Packing Game HOT

Tons of yummilicious chocolaty goodness on the table. Eat some and pack the rest all up to enjoy later? This little girl loves chocolates. Decorate the boxes they've given to her.

played 3.736 times
Play Cook Until Done
Cook Until Done game free online

Cook Until Done Game

You are going to cook the food based on the customer's instruction. Make sure you follow what they want, they will be judging your cooking later on.

played 2.845 times