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Cooking Games

Go Have Fun!

Play Cookie Cutter Pets
Cookie Cutter Pets game free online

Cookie Cutter Pets Game

Clif the Cookie Chef has a very special order and needs your cookie cutting expertise. Make tons of pet-shaped cookies. You have limited time for every cutting phase and make clean c...

played 7.816 times
Play Cooking Pies
Cooking Pies game free online

Cooking Pies Game

Your in charge of cooking the pies, make as many as quickly as you can!

played 3.512 times
Play Cooking Show Banana Pancakes
Cooking Show Banana Pancakes game free online

Cooking Show Banana Pancakes Game HOT

Welcome to the cooking show, lets learn how to make banana pancackes. Lets learn how to cook because our menu for today is banana pancakes. To break the eggs, drop them on the rim of...

played 3.458 times
Play Cooking Show Breadrolls
Cooking Show Breadrolls game free online

Cooking Show Breadrolls Game

Welcome to the Cooking Show. Today we will learn how to make Bread Rolls, a yummy snack. This game will teach you how to cook and how to prepare the right ingredients.

played 5.576 times
Play Cooking Show Lasagna
Cooking Show Lasagna game free online

Cooking Show Lasagna Game HOT

Todays recipe is the very deleicious and tasty lasagna. It is very interesting to make lasagna because it is one the favorite dishes of vegetarians . Cut vegetables such as spinach a...

played 3.394 times
Play Cooking Show Steak
Cooking Show Steak game free online

Cooking Show Steak Game HOT

Woa! Today's Cooking show will learn you how to cook steak. You will have cook it yourself, of course with the help of adult. Welcome to the "Cooking Show". Lets learn how to make "S...

played 9.473 times
Play Cooking Show Sushi Rolls
Cooking Show Sushi Rolls game free online

Cooking Show Sushi Rolls Game HOT

Learn how to cook sushi rolls. Welcome To the Cooking Show. Lets learn how to make Sushi Rolls. Follow the instructions appearing in the billboard and cook the rice.

played 2.891 times
Play Cooking Show Wontons
Cooking Show Wontons game free online

Cooking Show Wontons Game HOT

Learn to prepare delicious wontons in todays cooking show. Use your mouse to cook and cut and follow the instructions.

played 2.802 times
Play Cooking With Abuela Mexican Fajitas
Cooking With Abuela Mexican Fajitas game free online

Cooking With Abuela Mexican Fajitas Game HOT

Help Abuela cook her delicious Fajitas. Learn to make Mexican Fajitas in this fun cooking game.

played 4.173 times
Play Cotse Paint
Cotse Paint game free online

Cotse Paint Game

You can make your own painting on the computer with this paint game. . You can draw whatever you want with colors: your own name, your house, your puppy. Choose colors and paint as y...

played 2.772 times
Play Cup 'n' Cake
Cup 'n' Cake game free online

Cup 'n' Cake Game HOT

Help the bartender owner make success of the Drink cafe. Serve The customers with a great smile and of course a Fast delivery on time. Good Luck ! Prepare and serve game in which y...

played 9.180 times
Play Delicious Ham and Potato Soup
Delicious Ham and Potato Soup game free online

Delicious Ham and Potato Soup Game HOT

Learn how to make a delicious soup dish. Make a delicious potato soup for dinner of your family with the given recipe. Make it in accordance with the green arrow in the game.

played 2.833 times
Play Dinner Party
Dinner Party game free online

Dinner Party Game

Help! The guest will be here any minute and nothing is ready! Be sure not to serve the wrong thing or you'll lose points. Cook a food for your guests, if you bring wrong food to a gu...

played 9.911 times