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Cooking Games

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Play Japanse Soup Server
Japanse Soup Server game free online

Japanse Soup Server Game HOT

In the cafeteria at a high school one employee puts delicious soup in a bowl. His movements must be graceful so that nothing spills. Serve soup on the plates. First set up a bowl and...

played 2.962 times
Play Jasmine Sushi Making
Jasmine Sushi Making game free online

Jasmine Sushi Making Game HOT

Jasmine is a little dog who wants to have fun. Do all she wants to keep her entertained. Help Jasmine to make sushi so that she can feed her puppy. Just follow the instructions as gi...

played 4.511 times
Play Jimmy's Burger Shop
Jimmy's Burger Shop game free online

Jimmy's Burger Shop Game HOT

Help to Jimmy for orders. Hamburger, hotdogs and drinks.

played 5.075 times
Play Little Cake Kitchen Queens
Little Cake Kitchen Queens game free online

Little Cake Kitchen Queens Game HOT

Mix ingredients in the bowl, bake a cake and decorate it following the pattern. Make a cake for someone you like! Mix the contents in the bowl well. You need to do it fast or the ca...

played 3.039 times
Play Luigi's Kitchen - Soup
Luigi's Kitchen - Soup game free online

Luigi's Kitchen - Soup Game

Cook various dishes with Luigi! Luigi's Kitchen Soup: Play this game to learn the receipt of making Luigis Kitchen Soup. First open the book the read through before start. Then follo...

played 7.417 times
Play Madrasi Dhaba
Madrasi Dhaba game free online

Madrasi Dhaba Game HOT

Serve as many customers as possible in the Dhaba Any number of dosas can be prepared and kept on the plate and served as and when the customers come. The dhaba will remain open from...

played 46.980 times
Play Maggie's Bakery Kitchen Queen
Maggie's Bakery Kitchen Queen game free online

Maggie's Bakery Kitchen Queen Game HOT

Make a cream cake step by step and decorate it anyway you want! Follow the instructions to bake and decorate the cake. The more time you have left the more bonus you get! A really fu...

played 7.518 times
Play Make Delicious Macaroni
Make Delicious Macaroni game free online

Make Delicious Macaroni Game HOT

You'll have to make macaroni in sauce. At the end, you'll be judged. cook the ingredients the way your shown intitally in the introduction. To play you press the green button and to...

played 6.829 times
Play Meal Masters
Meal Masters game free online

Meal Masters Game HOT

You are about to learn how to make a complete meal! First you need to take a look around the kitchen so you know where every-thing is located. Notice when you are holding an item and...

played 2.702 times
Play Meal Masters 5
Meal Masters 5 game free online

Meal Masters 5 Game HOT

The fifth part of Meal Masters, the series of games for girls who want to learn how to cook and have fun at the same time. The tastiest recipes of this interesting cooking game. Try...

played 2.423 times
Play Medhu Vadai
Medhu Vadai game free online

Medhu Vadai Game HOT

Vadai is a southindian fried savoury originating mainly from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, traditionally prepared during festivals and weddings. This lentil based item is often served al...

played 6.178 times
Play Mikey's Crazy Cafeteria
Mikey's Crazy Cafeteria game free online

Mikey's Crazy Cafeteria Game HOT

Create the best cafereria food and serve it to your customers. Mikey crazy caferia is a funny cooking flash game. It ain't called fast-food for no reason! Help Mikey fill orders as t...

played 14.480 times
Play Minnie's Dinner Party
Minnie's Dinner Party game free online

Minnie's Dinner Party Game HOT

There's a party at Minnie Mouse's house! Mockey, Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto are are all coming! Successfully complete the mini-games to make a delicious meal for your guests to e...

played 13.778 times