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Cooking Games

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Play The Great Burger Builder
The Great Burger Builder game free online

The Great Burger Builder Game

Help the cook by building as many burgers as you can. Just drag the ingredients from the bins onto the buns. But be sure that you build the burger in the exact order as shown on the...

played 6.012 times
Play Omelette Chef
Omelette Chef game free online

Omelette Chef Game HOT

How many omeletes can you make within the limited amount of time? Today you've decided to make an omelete! First you must break and beat the eggs, then add a bit of milk, and then th...

played 5.977 times
Play Burger Zang
Burger Zang game free online

Burger Zang Game

Do you love burgers? Do you have what it takes to be the best burger vendor? We'll prove it. All you have to do is to make a burger according to your customer's order. Be careful in...

played 5.881 times
Play Polly's Parlour
Polly's Parlour game free online

Polly's Parlour Game HOT

Serve ice creams to hungry customers in this frantic point and clicker! Your first mission... Polly's Parlour has just opened, so business will be slow and your goal wont be very high.

played 5.747 times
Play Ong's Sister Kitchen
Ong's Sister Kitchen game free online

Ong's Sister Kitchen Game HOT

Bake cookies and pastries before times run out. Find out how much fun it could be to work in a kitchen! Prepare all kind of delicious food with the kitchen machines.

played 5.577 times
Play Cake Factory
Cake Factory game free online

Cake Factory Game HOT

Stack cakes and complete drink orders for Chef. Don't mess them up!

played 5.549 times
Play Donuts Shop
Donuts Shop game free online

Donuts Shop Game HOT

A happy cooking game about making and selling delicious donuts. Can you build up the best donut shop? Use the mouse cursor to create your donuts.

played 5.436 times
Play Sushi Go Around
Sushi Go Around game free online

Sushi Go Around Game HOT

Select ingredients and serve customers. You are the replacement Chef, you have a 1-week trial to use the correct recipes and serve the customers in the Sushi Restaurant. Make the rig...

played 5.398 times
Play Jimmy's Burger Shop
Jimmy's Burger Shop game free online

Jimmy's Burger Shop Game HOT

Help to Jimmy for orders. Hamburger, hotdogs and drinks.

played 5.328 times
Play Tutti Cuti's Cupcake Company
Tutti Cuti's Cupcake Company game free online

Tutti Cuti's Cupcake Company Game

Compete in accuracy or speed to decorate cupcakes with tasty toppings! Earn cash each day to progress to the next- everyday gets a little harder, and only the very best complete the...

played 5.300 times
Play Fun & Burger
Fun & Burger game free online

Fun & Burger Game HOT

Make the burgers as fast as you can. You have a short timelimit per burger. Pack em up, pack em out. Look out! You've got to make hamburgers. Take a look at the ingredients and put t...

played 5.198 times
Play Cake Factory Game
Cake Factory Game game free online

Cake Factory Game Game HOT

Look at the order and prepare exactly the same cake. Choose from many toppings, creams and colors. And bake that yummi cake!

played 5.173 times
Play Fast Food Center
Fast Food Center game free online

Fast Food Center Game HOT

You are managing a fast food center. When a customer demands food, you will have to prepare and serve the food within a short duration. Identify the customer preferred food and serve...

played 5.156 times