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Cooking Games

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Play Scooby Doo Ghoul School Creepy Cooking Class
Scooby Doo Ghoul School Creepy Cooking Class game free online

Scooby Doo Ghoul School Creepy Cook... Game HOT

Create a monster sized sandwich snack! Scooby and shaggy have a project to do for Ghoul school's Creepy Cooking Class! What can they do but create a monster-sized sandwich snack?! As...

played 15.292 times
Play HK Cafe
HK Cafe game free online

HK Cafe Game HOT

A cafe running simulation game. Cook and serve the food to the hungry customers before they get angry. Cook the food as people order as quick as possible. If food is not done and bei...

played 13.944 times
Play Minnie's Dinner Party
Minnie's Dinner Party game free online

Minnie's Dinner Party Game HOT

There's a party at Minnie Mouse's house! Mockey, Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto are are all coming! Successfully complete the mini-games to make a delicious meal for your guests to e...

played 13.916 times
Play Ice Tea Drinking Sale
Ice Tea Drinking Sale game free online

Ice Tea Drinking Sale Game HOT

Make some delicious hot tea and ice tea to your customers. You're customers need a nice drink, can you serve them what they need? Blend, cook, put on tea and microwave all sorts of d...

played 10.510 times
Play Cooking Show Steak
Cooking Show Steak game free online

Cooking Show Steak Game HOT

Woa! Today's Cooking show will learn you how to cook steak. You will have cook it yourself, of course with the help of adult. Welcome to the "Cooking Show". Lets learn how to make "S...

played 9.719 times
Play Holly Hobbie The Hey Girls Muffin Maker
Holly Hobbie The Hey Girls Muffin Maker game free online

Holly Hobbie The Hey Girls Muffin M... Game HOT

Hey look the Hey Girls are helping their aunt make some delicious muffins for her cafeteria! Help decide the kind of toppings for each muffin. Don't mess up the place though.

played 8.841 times
Play Busy Sushi Bar
Busy Sushi Bar game free online

Busy Sushi Bar Game HOT

You work in the best Sushi bar in town. People flood into your bar everyday to enjoy the most authentic and tasty Sushi. Take the order from the customers, prepare Sushi, place it in...

played 8.790 times
Play Burger World
Burger World game free online

Burger World Game HOT

It's called Fast Food for a reason - time is everything. Follow the orders at the top of the game to complete your burger. Your time is running out. Just prepare a delicious hamburge...

played 8.567 times
Play Cake Factory 2
Cake Factory 2 game free online

Cake Factory 2 Game HOT

Run the cake factory and produce the requested cakes in time. Press the switches, buttons and levers to setup a correct production line for your cakes. Be careful because the conveyo...

played 8.318 times
Play Ramen Cooking
Ramen Cooking game free online

Ramen Cooking Game HOT

Mag Can cook so can you. Does this phrase sound familiar? You are the cook of a busy Hong Kong cafe in this game and need to get things done real quickly. I know you college peop...

played 8.175 times
Play Pinky's Pancake
Pinky's Pancake game free online

Pinky's Pancake Game HOT

Welcome to my pancake shop. Hello my name is Pinky, welcome to my pancake shop. This is your first day and we all know what happens the first day on the job! T get to train - you. y...

played 7.792 times
Play Breakfast Sandwich Shop
Breakfast Sandwich Shop game free online

Breakfast Sandwich Shop Game HOT

Your mission is to make bearkfast sanwiches for the girls. Try to respect the order and try to make the sandwiches as fast as you can. Make the sandwiches they ask you for and serve...

played 7.712 times
Play Maggie's Bakery Kitchen Queen
Maggie's Bakery Kitchen Queen game free online

Maggie's Bakery Kitchen Queen Game HOT

Make a cream cake step by step and decorate it anyway you want! Follow the instructions to bake and decorate the cake. The more time you have left the more bonus you get! A really fu...

played 7.677 times