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Cooking Games

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Play BBQ Hero Protect And Serve
BBQ Hero Protect And Serve game free online

BBQ Hero Protect And Serve Game HOT

You are the grill master for your family cookout. Your family will tell you what to cook and you will cook it for them and stop the fatboy who wants to eat your food.

played 6.924 times
Play Busy Restaurant
Busy Restaurant game free online

Busy Restaurant Game HOT

Running a restaurant is not easy at all. Especially, you will be so confused when lots of customers coming together. However it is not very difficult if you are quick. Come on and tr...

played 6.801 times
Play Barbecue Stake
Barbecue Stake game free online

Barbecue Stake Game HOT

Time to make a nice BBQ dinner. Place the pieces of meat on the stick at the right time. A fun coordination game! Fork your barbecue with a stick before it's too late.

played 6.653 times
Play Rolf's Fun Time Pizza Making Extravaganza
Rolf's Fun Time Pizza Making Extravaganza game free online

Rolf's Fun Time Pizza Making Extrav... Game HOT

Make delicious Italian pizzas. Start making pizzas already! You start of with a blank pizza crust. Orders will start coming in with a list of toppings you must add. Don't make too ma...

played 6.536 times
Play Good Morning Meal
Good Morning Meal game free online

Good Morning Meal Game HOT

You work in a cafeteria serving lunch to students. Serve the food quickly before you run out of time. Don't make them wait for so long. But remember to follow their order. Try to rea...

played 6.347 times
Play Medhu Vadai
Medhu Vadai game free online

Medhu Vadai Game HOT

Vadai is a southindian fried savoury originating mainly from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, traditionally prepared during festivals and weddings. This lentil based item is often served al...

played 6.243 times
Play Omelette Chef
Omelette Chef game free online

Omelette Chef Game HOT

How many omeletes can you make within the limited amount of time? Today you've decided to make an omelete! First you must break and beat the eggs, then add a bit of milk, and then th...

played 5.678 times
Play Polly's Parlour
Polly's Parlour game free online

Polly's Parlour Game HOT

Serve ice creams to hungry customers in this frantic point and clicker! Your first mission... Polly's Parlour has just opened, so business will be slow and your goal wont be very high.

played 5.542 times
Play Cake Factory
Cake Factory game free online

Cake Factory Game HOT

Stack cakes and complete drink orders for Chef. Don't mess them up!

played 5.376 times
Play Ong's Sister Kitchen
Ong's Sister Kitchen game free online

Ong's Sister Kitchen Game HOT

Bake cookies and pastries before times run out. Find out how much fun it could be to work in a kitchen! Prepare all kind of delicious food with the kitchen machines.

played 5.329 times
Play Fast Food Center
Fast Food Center game free online

Fast Food Center Game HOT

You are managing a fast food center. When a customer demands food, you will have to prepare and serve the food within a short duration. Identify the customer preferred food and serve...

played 5.008 times
Play Sandwich Cooking
Sandwich Cooking game free online

Sandwich Cooking Game HOT

Make the most delicious sandwich ever. With some proper ingredients it's just a piece of cake. Create eighteen sandwiches without messing up more then five times! There is a wide pin...

played 4.754 times
Play Chocolate Cat
Chocolate Cat game free online

Chocolate Cat Game HOT

Help the Cat create delicious and mouth watering chocolates. Pretty hard game.

played 4.651 times