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Cooking Games

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Play Mithai Ghar - Indian Sweets Shop
Mithai Ghar - Indian Sweets Shop game free online

Mithai Ghar - Indian Sweets Shop Game

Make your costumer happy by serve them with all your stock! Sell delicious Indian desserts and make lots of money. In this game you are working in an Indian sweets shop. You need to...

played 11.863 times
Play Dinner Party
Dinner Party game free online

Dinner Party Game

Help! The guest will be here any minute and nothing is ready! Be sure not to serve the wrong thing or you'll lose points. Cook a food for your guests, if you bring wrong food to a gu...

played 10.258 times
Play Cookie Cutter Pets
Cookie Cutter Pets game free online

Cookie Cutter Pets Game

Clif the Cookie Chef has a very special order and needs your cookie cutting expertise. Make tons of pet-shaped cookies. You have limited time for every cutting phase and make clean c...

played 8.003 times
Play Restaurant Order Memory
Restaurant Order Memory game free online

Restaurant Order Memory Game

A fun type of memory game where you have to memorize all the orders of the customers and serve them the right meals. Can you memorize them all?

played 7.712 times
Play Perfect Pizza
Perfect Pizza game free online

Perfect Pizza Game

Its time to make fast and yummy pizza using your choice of toppings. You are the owner of a brand new Pizza parlor. You soon earn a reputation of making the most exquisite pizza in t...

played 7.531 times
Play Luigi's Kitchen - Soup
Luigi's Kitchen - Soup game free online

Luigi's Kitchen - Soup Game

Cook various dishes with Luigi! Luigi's Kitchen Soup: Play this game to learn the receipt of making Luigis Kitchen Soup. First open the book the read through before start. Then follo...

played 7.527 times
Play Cooking Show Breadrolls
Cooking Show Breadrolls game free online

Cooking Show Breadrolls Game

Welcome to the Cooking Show. Today we will learn how to make Bread Rolls, a yummy snack. This game will teach you how to cook and how to prepare the right ingredients.

played 5.778 times
Play Burger Zang
Burger Zang game free online

Burger Zang Game

Do you love burgers? Do you have what it takes to be the best burger vendor? We'll prove it. All you have to do is to make a burger according to your customer's order. Be careful in...

played 5.719 times
Play Tutti Cuti's Cupcake Company
Tutti Cuti's Cupcake Company game free online

Tutti Cuti's Cupcake Company Game

Compete in accuracy or speed to decorate cupcakes with tasty toppings! Earn cash each day to progress to the next- everyday gets a little harder, and only the very best complete the...

played 5.058 times
Play The Prince of Yakinku Meat Griller
The Prince of Yakinku Meat Griller game free online

The Prince of Yakinku Meat Griller Game

You are a cook of the Japanese restaurant skilled in preparing Yakinku. Are you good at grilling meat? Turn on the grill and click next to it to begin. The meat will launch onto the...

played 4.951 times
Play How to Make Cranberry Smoothie
How to Make Cranberry Smoothie game free online

How to Make Cranberry Smoothie Game

Learn how to make a perfect Cranberry Smoothie. A glass of cool and perfect beverage is so interesting thing in the hot summer. It is not difficult to do as you think! Try it and you...

played 3.351 times
Play How To Make Cashew Macroon
How To Make Cashew Macroon game free online

How To Make Cashew Macroon Game

Do you want to make a macaroon yourself? Make a perfect cake with the help of this lovely cook. Learn how to make Make Cashew Macroon.

played 3.102 times
Play Tropical Fruit Salad
Tropical Fruit Salad game free online

Tropical Fruit Salad Game

Get the ingredients Abuela needs. And cook a lovely Tropical Fruit Salad.

played 2.953 times