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Restaurant Food Serving game

Play Restaurant Food Serving free online now. A new restaurant has recently opened in your city. A few days ago the owner hung a big sign on the door of his new estab... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Restaurant Food Serving game info

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Restaurant Food Serving Online Game

Restaurant Food Serving Game Description

A new restaurant has recently opened in your city. A few days ago the owner hung a big sign on the door of his new establishment, advertising for a kitchen assistant. The sign says job applicants must have very good memories and be able to quickly remember where to find food orders in the kitchen. The successful applicant will be hired for a probationary period of one week. During this time, he or she must prove to be fit for the job.

You are the cook and the chef wants you to make food. What ever the chef shows you, you must remember and search the kitchen for it.

Restaurant Food Serving Game Instructions

Working rules in the restaurant:
Remember that in order to keep your job you have to work well with the waiter. After the waiter takes orders from the customers, he will come into the kitchen to give you information about the meals guests are waiting for. The meals are shown as small pictures and your task is to remember them and find the correct food orders in the kitchen. The restaurant owner is counting on attracting customers by offering a perfect and quick service - so you have limited time to find the orders.

Meals can be found in the freezer, the oven, or they may be cooked on a stove. Click on an appliance and you will see what is inside or on it. To open the freezer or oven door, simply click on it. You use the same method to choose the meals ordered by customers. However, once you click on a particular dish, you cannot change your choice - so, you must be careful! To make things a little easier, you don't have to find the food in the same order as requested by the waiter.

You should know that both the waiter and chef have limited patience. If you fail to remember the order correctly in a given time, you will loose your job, and your dreams about a wonderful career as a kitchen assistant will be ruined! We will keep our fingers crossed. Show us what you can do.

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Restaurant Food Serving Game
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Game name: Restaurant Food Serving
Played: 8.413 times
Category: Kids games » Cooking games
Author: Gorenje

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