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5 minutes (in a hurry) Games

Top 5 Games

Play Plunge For Points
Plunge For Points game free online

Plunge For Points Game HOT

See how many times you can plunge the toilet before the water overflows, by clicking your left mouse button.

played 3.283 times
Play Pocong
Pocong game free online

Pocong Game HOT

POCONG is a popular name of ghost for Indonesian people, like dracula in Europe or Vampire in Chinese. And Tukul Arwahnya is the pocong artist.

played 2.554 times
Play Potato Peeler
Potato Peeler game free online

Potato Peeler Game HOT

Peel the potato as fast as possible! This is a very simple game but funny. You will play more than one time.

played 2.029 times
Play Rag Doll Lincoln
Rag Doll Lincoln game free online

Rag Doll Lincoln Game

Abraham Lincoln has fallen asleep and is hallucinating. Collect dead fish to gain points. Dodge obstacles and maintain your health. There are 8 stages Get through them all and you wi...

played 4.000 times
Play Reach The Sky
Reach The Sky game free online

Reach The Sky Game

A simple yet extremely addictive game. Can you reach the sky? Jump as high as you can!

played 2.272 times
Play Roof Top Rollers
Roof Top Rollers game free online

Roof Top Rollers Game

A fun little musical game, make those jazzy cats swing.

played 4.635 times
Play Sheep Dash - How Fast Are Your Reactions
Sheep Dash - How Fast Are Your Reactions game free online

Sheep Dash - How Fast Are Your Reac... Game

See how fast you can click and sting the sheep! Test your reflexes in this awesome mini game.

played 9.030 times
Play The Crusher
The Crusher game free online

The Crusher Game

Crush as many people's heads as you can in 30 seconds.

played 5.082 times
Play Tornado Button Smashing
Tornado Button Smashing game free online

Tornado Button Smashing Game

Go around as a tornado smashing a city to pieces. Pound the enter button as you rip apart a city with your huge tornado. How long can you hit it? Controll the tornado in this game an...

played 6.611 times
Play Trzy Kubki
Trzy Kubki game free online

Trzy Kubki Game

Guess the position of the object from the 3 cups

played 4.118 times
Play Western Shootout II
Western Shootout II game free online

Western Shootout II Game

Challenge cowboys to duels and capture the most wanted criminals. Make the best decisions on who to shoot first or its game over in this shooter.

played 22.801 times
Play Where's Naruto
Where's Naruto game free online

Where's Naruto Game

Naruto makes trace clones then runs roughly and mixes in with them to disorganize you. Keep your appreciation on the actual anybody and click on him.

played 4.470 times
Play Zidane Headbutting Materazzi
Zidane Headbutting Materazzi game free online

Zidane Headbutting Materazzi Game

Play as Zidane! Beat as many Materazzi as you can! You already knew what Zidane did when Materazzi insulted to him, your task on this game is to blow on the head with all those that...

played 3.548 times