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Abstracta game

Play Abstracta free online now. Abstracta is a semi-abstract meditative shooter and very much a state of mind. The longer you play, the more features ar... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 2.583 times
Abstracta game info

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Abstracta Online Game

Abstracta Game Description

Abstracta is a semi-abstract meditative shooter and very much a state of mind. The longer you play, the more features are unlocked. Can you defeat the four bosses? Survive longer and collect more points than those before you? Try collecting some crystals while avoiding the mines. Grab gems, grab powerups to keep the game speedy. Blow up mines when possible as it gets harder.

Abstracta Game Instructions

1. You control the blue blob that follows the mouse cursor around.

2. the Top bar shows how many lives you have left. Preserve them by avoiding collision with dangerous mines.

3. In the bottom there is the time you spent playing. The longer you play, the more features and powerups will become unlocked. The game also speeds up slightly over time.

4. In the bottom are your points. You earn them mainly by collecting crystals You get more points for collecting longer series of crystals of the same color.

5. In the bottom is the current game speed. Score is based on speed, so you get more points the faster you go.

6. Powerups can offer new abilities or alter the game world to create special challenges. Press <SPACEBAR> anytime to bring up the HELP menu and read more about powerups.

Remember you can press <SPACE8AR> to bring up the menu.

Play the Abstracta Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Abstracta Screenshot

Abstracta Game
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Game name: Abstracta
Played: 2.583 times
Category: Other games » Avoiding games
Author: Frederick Hermund

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