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Avoiding Games

Are you good enough?

Play Balloon Dodge
Balloon Dodge game free online

Balloon Dodge Game

Its simple! Dodge the flying stars for as long as you can...

played 2.703 times
Play Balloon Express
Balloon Express game free online

Balloon Express Game

Your goal is to fly your Balloon without crashing and deliver as many Mail Boxes as you can. A fail delivery makes you loose points and a successful delivery gains you points. When y...

played 2.681 times
Play Bat and Mouse V2
Bat and Mouse V2 game free online

Bat and Mouse V2 Game HOT

You are the mouse. Eat cheese and do not let the bat hit you. Avoid the bat and other enemies and collect as much cheese as possible.

played 6.204 times
Play Bee Dodger
Bee Dodger game free online

Bee Dodger Game

Dodge other Bees and collect coins for points. Getting health when you're full will also add points! Fly and grab coins while dodging small bees, big bees, and bees that fire their s...

played 9.118 times
Play Behind Golden Bars
Behind Golden Bars game free online

Behind Golden Bars Game

Get away from the white lines before they turn into gold. Use the arrow keys to float the red block around, the walls are bouncy so watch out!

played 2.705 times
Play Bird Dodger
Bird Dodger game free online

Bird Dodger Game

You're a happy little red balloon floating in the sky. When some birds decide that they don't like you. Make your way up through the birds without touching them or you'll pop. 1 poin...

played 2.680 times
Play Black Fish 2 (fish)
Black Fish 2 (fish) game free online

Black Fish 2 (fish) Game

You are a fish in the sea, avoid everything to stay alive as long as you possibly can. Do not touch the bottom of the ocean.

played 2.679 times
Play Black Fish Avoid The Mines
Black Fish Avoid The Mines game free online

Black Fish Avoid The Mines Game

You are a little fish in the sea. Avoid everything and stay alive. Watch those mines that fall from above.

played 2.679 times
Play Black Fish Eat Smaller Fish
Black Fish Eat Smaller Fish game free online

Black Fish Eat Smaller Fish Game

This little fish is in the deep water mountains. This little fish is very very hungry! Can you help him to feed on the smaller fish? But watch out for those bigger fishes, they will...

played 3.227 times
Play Blob Men 2
Blob Men 2 game free online

Blob Men 2 Game

Avoid and collect game. Collect the coins and avoid the blob men.

played 2.689 times
Play Bloxes
Bloxes game free online

Bloxes Game

An addicting game! dodge falling blocks to stay alive but be careful the blocks fall faster with time!

played 2.759 times
Play Bomb Storm
Bomb Storm game free online

Bomb Storm Game HOT

Avoid the bombs and shoot them down to gain points in Bomb Storm.

played 2.180 times
Play Bomberia
Bomberia game free online

Bomberia Game

You play as a blue droid that launch bombs to eliminate alien flying saucers from invading earth. Try to destroy as many flying saucers as you can and avoid any incoming missiles fro...

played 2.681 times