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Avoiding Games

Play Breeder
Breeder game free online

Breeder Game

Starting with 2 rabbits, you will be breeding them into a big family. Welcome to breeder. You will start off with two rabbits, one male, one female. By clicking and dragging the male...

played 3.090 times
Play Browser Ball 2
Browser Ball 2 game free online

Browser Ball 2 Game HOT

Play as Mario and Luigi and dodge the balls thrown by Bowser.

played 13.319 times
Play Bubble Frenzy
Bubble Frenzy game free online

Bubble Frenzy Game

Try to grab all the bubbles you possibly can. Your objective is to collect white and orange bubbles while avoiding mine bubbles. If you run into a mine bubble you will lose 1 life. W...

played 3.532 times
Play Bubbles 2
Bubbles 2 game free online

Bubbles 2 Game HOT

You are a bubble and you have to try and grow as big as you can without letting anything pop you, like mines. There are a lot of power-ups like agility, gravity, invincibility that w...

played 6.310 times
Play Bubblin
Bubblin game free online

Bubblin Game

Simple but addictive game. Collect the right bubbles and avoid the red one.

played 2.069 times
Play Bugcycle Rider
Bugcycle Rider game free online

Bugcycle Rider Game

You are on the BugRacing, ride your Bug!

played 1.355 times
Play BumpBump
BumpBump game free online

BumpBump Game HOT

Get in your bumpercar and take on your opponents by pushing them out of a sumoring, wreaking havoc in a destruction derby or outsmart them in a soccer match.

played 3.893 times
Play Camouflage Master
Camouflage Master game free online

Camouflage Master Game

Careful, the enemies blend right into the background! Avoid them and gather points in this entirely unique game!

played 1.676 times
Play Capitalist Ninja
Capitalist Ninja game free online

Capitalist Ninja Game

Who said the sword was mightier than a bag of cash? Take control of the hero of this humorous story, an up and coming ninja, and strive to become a ranking member of the Capitalist N...

played 3.352 times
Play Catacombs The lost Amphora
Catacombs The lost Amphora game free online

Catacombs The lost Amphora Game

You are the brave treasure hunter. Your mission is to find an ancient Egyptian amphora. But, the amphora has been broken into four parts and hidden in bowels of pyramids. And only t...

played 2.185 times
Play Cave Escape 2
Cave Escape 2 game free online

Cave Escape 2 Game HOT

Your are a scientist exploring a cave. While in the depths you come into contact with a rare mineral that gives you psychic powers. Suddenly the cave starts collapsing! You must comp...

played 4.765 times
Play CC-Stealth Wars
CC-Stealth Wars game free online

CC-Stealth Wars Game HOT

Get to the goal of each area, yuou cannot be seen at all. Avoid Camera's guards, lasers etc. Use your cunning stealth and sneak around corners to get past guards.

played 1.979 times
Play Christmas Cursor
Christmas Cursor game free online

Christmas Cursor Game HOT

Christmas Cursor. Get through all the mazes without hitting the sides!

played 2.765 times