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Avoiding Games

Amazingly FUN!

Play Circle Avoider V2
Circle Avoider V2 game free online

Circle Avoider V2 Game

In this game you have one goal, try to outwit the flaming fireballs as long as possible. Watch out because the longer you last, the harder it gets . Now with high scores!

played 2.242 times
Play Cosmic Formik
Cosmic Formik game free online

Cosmic Formik Game

Dodge the incoming in this sound created environment. Turn sound on for full effect.

played 5.662 times
Play CoverMouse
CoverMouse game free online

CoverMouse Game

Use your mouse to make your way to the checkpoint. Avoid hitting the walls, and flying objects to live and be the champ! Hit the wall or the objects, and you lose, but don't worry, a...

played 2.940 times
Play Cursor Thief Kill Time
Cursor Thief Kill Time game free online

Cursor Thief Kill Time Game HOT

This evil goon loves your mouse cursor and will take whatever means to get his hands on it. Move your cursor around the game screen to avoid his onslaughts. How long can you last? Pr...

played 5.705 times
Play Cute Avoider
Cute Avoider game free online

Cute Avoider Game HOT

Choose between a cute boy or cute girl and collect the stars. A simple and cute avoiding game.

played 3.223 times
Play Dance of the Robot
Dance of the Robot game free online

Dance of the Robot Game

Dodge the bombs that keep on dropping. Careful more and more drop as it gets crazier.

played 6.660 times
Play Digital Tunnel
Digital Tunnel game free online

Digital Tunnel Game

Keep your cursor inside the walls of the tunnel. Touch them and you only get so many retries. Click start and follow the tunnel to the finish while avoiding walls. Collect bulbs to g...

played 4.116 times
Play Dodge
Dodge game free online

Dodge Game

A new take on old arcade shooters. Avoid the missles, and use those missles you are avoiding to destroy the yellow enemies.

played 2.677 times
Play Don't Pop That Balloon
Don't Pop That Balloon game free online

Don't Pop That Balloon Game

A unvarnished adventurous enough where you essential to machination the falling darts. Protect your balloon at all costs with your mouse. A simple game where you need to dodge the fa...

played 3.094 times
Play Don't Touch The Sides
Don't Touch The Sides game free online

Don't Touch The Sides Game

Move your mouse through the maze. But, don't touch the sides or you lose!

played 18.375 times
Play Dot
Dot game free online

Dot Game

Move your dot around the levels avoiding all the obstacles out there trying to get you. A cool mouse avoiding game.

played 2.236 times
Play Dots 2
Dots 2 game free online

Dots 2 Game HOT

Collect the blue dots to fill up your invincilbe bar. Avoid the moving dots. 27 levels of grabbing blue orbs and dodging other moving balls. 3 difficulty settings.

played 2.926 times
Play Dottie
Dottie game free online

Dottie Game

Drag the dot trough the maze and from level to level. The objective of this game is drag the dot into the hole with your mouse.

played 5.667 times