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Play Drag The Dot
Drag The Dot game free online

Drag The Dot Game HOT

Drag the dot through each level. Levels get harder and harder. Surprisingly addictive!

played 2.550 times
Play Fall Down 2
Fall Down 2 game free online

Fall Down 2 Game HOT

Looks all so innocent and easy but wait and see... The object of the game is to keep the ball from going off the top of the screen. So think quick and move fast.

played 6.888 times
Play Fatboy Frogger
Fatboy Frogger game free online

Fatboy Frogger Game

Hey fatboy! Get running and watch out for those manholes. Grab the energy drinks and dodge the beer. Control Dennis using the arrow keys as he attempts to run a marathon! You'll need...

played 5.385 times
Play Fireball Princess
Fireball Princess game free online

Fireball Princess Game

10 Levels of dodging to save the girl you love. Don't touch any of the falling objects. And touch the princess to move on to the next level.

played 2.839 times
Play Firewall
Firewall game free online

Firewall Game

A wave-based shooter game in which you control a mouse cursor and must defend your computer from viruses which fall from the ceiling. Between waves, you can buy more mines and upgrad...

played 2.567 times
Play Fish Sticks
Fish Sticks game free online

Fish Sticks Game

Your goal is to avoid the bigger fish, garbage, fisherman and anything else that would kill a little fish like yourself. Survive for 5 days by avoiding contact with any trash, other...

played 4.887 times
Play Free Fall
Free Fall game free online

Free Fall Game

You're an alien and you are falling. Dodging the mines that come at you.

played 4.178 times
Play Grey Ball
Grey Ball game free online

Grey Ball Game

Catch the balls, but avoiding the red balls.

played 4.976 times
Play Happy Tree Friends Crazy Disco Balls
Happy Tree Friends Crazy Disco Balls game free online

Happy Tree Friends Crazy Disco Balls Game HOT

Catch the blue balls with this character of happy tree friends in this Disco game.

played 7.953 times
Play Harry Potter The Whomping Willow
Harry Potter The Whomping Willow game free online

Harry Potter The Whomping Willow Game

In this Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire game. You have to dodge the whomping willow for as long as possible. Don't let it clobber you. In the new Harry Potter movie, Ron Weasley...

played 8.835 times
Play Hey, Zet
Hey, Zet game free online

Hey, Zet Game

Navigate the symbolic flying ship at the radiolocator screen. You should avoid enemy airplanes and not cross radiolocation zone. * 5 levels * 3 speeds in each level * personal bes...

played 2.545 times
Play Hot Pepper Vs The Water
Hot Pepper Vs The Water game free online

Hot Pepper Vs The Water Game

Shoot as many glasses of water as you can with your fire. don't get hit by the water of you get wet!

played 3.035 times
Play Impossible
Impossible game free online

Impossible Game HOT

Simple really, get from the start to the finish without touching anything. Easy, Isn't it? Avoid everything, do not touch anything at all! Well perhaps only your keyboard.

played 2.183 times