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Play Indestructable Tank
Indestructable Tank game free online

Indestructable Tank Game HOT

Your only weapon is to use yourself like a missle to destroy the onslaught of the enemy army. The longer you play. the more enemies you can have onscreen at once. As the pilot of an...

played 4.756 times
Play Invisible Cursor
Invisible Cursor game free online

Invisible Cursor Game

Move your cursor without hitting the walls.

played 2.799 times
Play Kitties Cookies
Kitties Cookies game free online

Kitties Cookies Game

Put tasty cookies on the plate and avoid getting hit by that nasty kid. Avoid items the mouse is throwing and carry cookies from the box on the right to the respective plates on the...

played 2.567 times
Play Laser Survivor The Mission
Laser Survivor The Mission game free online

Laser Survivor The Mission Game

Get past the security without touching the lasers.

played 2.567 times
Play Lil Mouse Racer
Lil Mouse Racer game free online

Lil Mouse Racer Game

Win the race without letting the opponents hit you. Your goal is to get as far as possible before you break your bumper car. To do this, avoid all kinds of objects including static o...

played 3.241 times
Play Lost Your Marbles
Lost Your Marbles game free online

Lost Your Marbles Game

Lost your marbles? Find them all without hitting walls. It's been a long year with all that hard work - learning about physics, chemistry, biology and the like. As we all know too mu...

played 2.593 times
Play Magic Monty And The Power Orbs
Magic Monty And The Power Orbs game free online

Magic Monty And The Power Orbs Game

Take control of Monty's magic orb sent straight out of his wand. You must guide the orb around the level dodging Evil Erics bad orbs and collect the yellow orbs when necessary. This...

played 2.568 times
Play Manhunt
Manhunt game free online

Manhunt Game HOT

Sneak through each level and kill the guards before they see you. Your name is cash. Your target is to kill your boss. But before you will do this. You need to eliminate all guards....

played 6.830 times
Play Mouse 1.0 Escape From Windows
Mouse 1.0 Escape From Windows game free online

Mouse 1.0 Escape From Windows Game

Attempt to get your mouse out of each maze without colliding into the boundaries or objects. Guide the cursor through the maze, use your mouse and start by placing the Cursor over th...

played 5.572 times
Play Mouse Avoider 2
Mouse Avoider 2 game free online

Mouse Avoider 2 Game

Guide the red dot by passing through the maze without hitting the walls and around the obstacles.

played 2.568 times
Play Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course game free online

Obstacle Course Game

As you run you'll encounter every type of imaginable obstacle. Ovoid obstacles by jumping, and sliding.

played 6.012 times
Play Orange Block
Orange Block game free online

Orange Block Game HOT

You're a orange block, dodge the other orange blocks for as long as possible. You are an orange block navigating through an army of slightly different orange blocks. The goal of the...

played 2.252 times
Play Orb Avoidance 2
Orb Avoidance 2 game free online

Orb Avoidance 2 Game

Orbs are attacking your mouse. Avoid them for as long as you can. Trick the orbs into hitting the boxes. Smash as many orbs as you can!

played 2.577 times