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Avoiding Games

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Play Spin Soar
Spin Soar game free online

Spin Soar Game

Maneuver yourself around the asteroids that are hurling towards you. A cool Coordination game.

played 2.981 times
Play Square Run
Square Run game free online

Square Run Game

You are a green square. You have to escape the puzzle. Make sure you avoid all the obstacles along the way and stay alive!

played 6.346 times
Play Squares 2
Squares 2 game free online

Squares 2 Game

Avoid the red color box, but absorb the black box. Collect as many black squares as possible, avoid red ones. Eat up the black squares and circles while avoiding the red squares and...

played 2.826 times
Play Squirrel Squash
Squirrel Squash game free online

Squirrel Squash Game HOT

Go through the levels picking up chestnuts and avoid all the dangers. Be as fast as possible!

played 4.251 times
Play Star Trail 1
Star Trail 1 game free online

Star Trail 1 Game

Gather small stars that match the color of your star. The color of your star will cycle through the spectrum so be careful, because the wrong color will shrink your star, shrink too...

played 2.752 times
Play Star Trails 2
Star Trails 2 game free online

Star Trails 2 Game

Color matching against your better judgement. Gather small stars that match the color of your star. The color of your star will cycle through the spectrum so be careful, because the...

played 2.764 times
Play Super Mario Power Coins
Super Mario Power Coins game free online

Super Mario Power Coins Game HOT

Collect as much coins as you can! First choose Mario or Luigi to play the mario game with. You have 3 lives. Collect coins, Yoshi coins and toadstools. Do not hit the rocks, fires, b...

played 4.397 times
Play Super Mouse Avoider
Super Mouse Avoider game free online

Super Mouse Avoider Game

steer clear of walls of colorful things.

played 2.682 times
Play Swarm!
Swarm! game free online

Swarm! Game

Escape the dreaded swarm for as long as you can!!! The aim of swarm is simple, escape the swarm for as long as possible. Move your character using the mouse. We wouldn't leave you to...

played 2.679 times
Play The Bugs Are Coming!
The Bugs Are Coming! game free online

The Bugs Are Coming! Game

Dodge the ladybugs for as long as you possibly can. Grab items to make your bubble smaller.

played 2.683 times
Play The Classroom 3
The Classroom 3 game free online

The Classroom 3 Game

Copy from the geek to pass your tests. Avoid getting caught by the teacher. The object of the game is to cheat off other students on a series of tests. Fill up your cheat meter to co...

played 2.898 times
Play The World's Hardest Game
The World's Hardest Game game free online

The World's Hardest Game Game HOT

This is The World's Hardest. Game I guarantee you it is harder than any game you have ever played, or ever will play. You are the red square. Avoid the blue circles and collect the...

played 2.811 times
Play Thin Squares
Thin Squares game free online

Thin Squares Game

This game is really addicting. Basically, just touch all of the other same-colored squares without touching the other ones...for as long as you can. Anyway the objective is to collec...

played 2.417 times