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Avoiding Games

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Play Security Camera
Security Camera game free online

Security Camera Game

You are a person going through a hallways but there are cameras. Conscientiously avoid the cameras sentineling you. Can you make it to the end of each level without being caught?

played 24.748 times
Play Don't Touch The Sides
Don't Touch The Sides game free online

Don't Touch The Sides Game

Move your mouse through the maze. But, don't touch the sides or you lose!

played 18.375 times
Play Browser Ball 2
Browser Ball 2 game free online

Browser Ball 2 Game HOT

Play as Mario and Luigi and dodge the balls thrown by Bowser.

played 15.187 times
Play Powerpuff Girls Meat the Mayor
Powerpuff Girls Meat the Mayor game free online

Powerpuff Girls Meat the Mayor Game

In the days before Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup, Townsville has no protection from meaty menaces like Fuzzy Lumpkins. Even The Mayor must frequently fend for himself. Help Mayor do...

played 13.379 times
Play Abstracta - Sonic Version
Abstracta - Sonic Version game free online

Abstracta - Sonic Version Game

Help Sonic gather together gems and rings while avoiding the badniks in this immediately-paced conversion of the unprecedented abstracta diversion.

played 11.719 times
Play Harry Potter The Whomping Willow
Harry Potter The Whomping Willow game free online

Harry Potter The Whomping Willow Game

In this Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire game. You have to dodge the whomping willow for as long as possible. Don't let it clobber you. In the new Harry Potter movie, Ron Weasley...

played 8.835 times
Play Bee Dodger
Bee Dodger game free online

Bee Dodger Game

Dodge other Bees and collect coins for points. Getting health when you're full will also add points! Fly and grab coins while dodging small bees, big bees, and bees that fire their s...

played 8.747 times
Play Happy Tree Friends Crazy Disco Balls
Happy Tree Friends Crazy Disco Balls game free online

Happy Tree Friends Crazy Disco Balls Game HOT

Catch the blue balls with this character of happy tree friends in this Disco game.

played 7.953 times
Play Bubbles 2
Bubbles 2 game free online

Bubbles 2 Game HOT

You are a bubble and you have to try and grow as big as you can without letting anything pop you, like mines. There are a lot of power-ups like agility, gravity, invincibility that w...

played 7.620 times
Play Scooby Doo Graveyard Scare
Scooby Doo Graveyard Scare game free online

Scooby Doo Graveyard Scare Game HOT

Help Shaggy avoid the falling Tombstones by moving left and right and finally make it to the end.

played 6.915 times
Play Fall Down 2
Fall Down 2 game free online

Fall Down 2 Game HOT

Looks all so innocent and easy but wait and see... The object of the game is to keep the ball from going off the top of the screen. So think quick and move fast.

played 6.888 times
Play Manhunt
Manhunt game free online

Manhunt Game HOT

Sneak through each level and kill the guards before they see you. Your name is cash. Your target is to kill your boss. But before you will do this. You need to eliminate all guards....

played 6.827 times
Play Dance of the Robot
Dance of the Robot game free online

Dance of the Robot Game

Dodge the bombs that keep on dropping. Careful more and more drop as it gets crazier.

played 6.660 times