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Avoiding Games

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Play Bat and Mouse V2
Bat and Mouse V2 game free online

Bat and Mouse V2 Game HOT

You are the mouse. Eat cheese and do not let the bat hit you. Avoid the bat and other enemies and collect as much cheese as possible.

played 6.204 times
Play Cursor Thief Kill Time
Cursor Thief Kill Time game free online

Cursor Thief Kill Time Game HOT

This evil goon loves your mouse cursor and will take whatever means to get his hands on it. Move your cursor around the game screen to avoid his onslaughts. How long can you last? Pr...

played 6.114 times
Play Cave Escape 2
Cave Escape 2 game free online

Cave Escape 2 Game HOT

Your are a scientist exploring a cave. While in the depths you come into contact with a rare mineral that gives you psychic powers. Suddenly the cave starts collapsing! You must comp...

played 6.067 times
Play Soap Bubble
Soap Bubble game free online

Soap Bubble Game HOT

You are a soapbubble leasurly playing with your friends in the sun, when all of a sudden you discover a strange hole behind a bush. Guide a soap bubble through a dark damp cave. Fly...

played 5.650 times
Play Sonic Maze Craze
Sonic Maze Craze game free online

Sonic Maze Craze Game HOT

Sonic has lost his shoes in the desert mazes of Sand oasis. Luckily you have stumbled across them and must return them to him! Use th mouse to move Sonic's shoes around the maze with...

played 5.604 times
Play Shaolin Dodge Ball
Shaolin Dodge Ball game free online

Shaolin Dodge Ball Game HOT

Dodge the shurikens to earn points!

played 4.432 times
Play Super Mario Power Coins
Super Mario Power Coins game free online

Super Mario Power Coins Game HOT

Collect as much coins as you can! First choose Mario or Luigi to play the mario game with. You have 3 lives. Collect coins, Yoshi coins and toadstools. Do not hit the rocks, fires, b...

played 4.394 times
Play Squirrel Squash
Squirrel Squash game free online

Squirrel Squash Game HOT

Go through the levels picking up chestnuts and avoid all the dangers. Be as fast as possible!

played 4.248 times
Play Christmas Cursor
Christmas Cursor game free online

Christmas Cursor Game HOT

Christmas Cursor. Get through all the mazes without hitting the sides!

played 3.660 times
Play Cute Avoider
Cute Avoider game free online

Cute Avoider Game HOT

Choose between a cute boy or cute girl and collect the stars. A simple and cute avoiding game.

played 3.407 times
Play Dots 2
Dots 2 game free online

Dots 2 Game HOT

Collect the blue dots to fill up your invincilbe bar. Avoid the moving dots. 27 levels of grabbing blue orbs and dodging other moving balls. 3 difficulty settings.

played 3.069 times
Play The World's Hardest Game
The World's Hardest Game game free online

The World's Hardest Game Game HOT

This is The World's Hardest. Game I guarantee you it is harder than any game you have ever played, or ever will play. You are the red square. Avoid the blue circles and collect the...

played 2.811 times
Play CC-Stealth Wars
CC-Stealth Wars game free online

CC-Stealth Wars Game HOT

Get to the goal of each area, yuou cannot be seen at all. Avoid Camera's guards, lasers etc. Use your cunning stealth and sneak around corners to get past guards.

played 2.380 times