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Avoiding Games

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Play Abstracta
Abstracta game free online

Abstracta Game

Abstracta is a semi-abstract meditative shooter and very much a state of mind. The longer you play, the more features are unlocked. Can you defeat the four bosses? Survive longer and...

played 2.769 times
Play Abstracta - Sonic Version
Abstracta - Sonic Version game free online

Abstracta - Sonic Version Game

Help Sonic gather together gems and rings while avoiding the badniks in this immediately-paced conversion of the unprecedented abstracta diversion.

played 12.606 times
Play Aqua Bots
Aqua Bots game free online

Aqua Bots Game

In Aqua Bots you are given the role of Captain of an experimental line of submarines which have the ability to be controlled by a single person. Your goal is to complete all 8 levels...

played 7.235 times
Play Asterdroids
Asterdroids game free online

Asterdroids Game HOT

Our robot is in danger in space! Collect as many points as you can--each one makes the robot faster, but watch out for asteroids!

played 5.200 times
Play Asteroid Dodge
Asteroid Dodge game free online

Asteroid Dodge Game

Dodge the large asteroids for as long as possible to get the highest score.

played 3.203 times
Play Avoid
Avoid game free online

Avoid Game

Avoid the charged letters!!! When the letters go red you better not be touching them with your cool robot! There are green batteries that you will need to charge your robot.

played 3.094 times
Play Avoid the Blocks
Avoid the Blocks game free online

Avoid the Blocks Game

A long path of coloured blocks, how high can you climb? A game where you dodge or shoot blocks and try to last as long as possible. This is a game where you must either dodge or shoo...

played 5.942 times
Play Avoid The Laser
Avoid The Laser game free online

Avoid The Laser Game

Avoid the laser by hitting green bar. Collect yellow dots to raise score. After every 500 points speed grows.

played 5.294 times
Play Avoid the Laser 2
Avoid the Laser 2 game free online

Avoid the Laser 2 Game

Based on version 1, added sounds, background, better look, invincible, big 500 points dot, speed, laser slower, and now the laser is getting faster all the time, doesnt matter about...

played 2.920 times
Play Avoid The Orcs
Avoid The Orcs game free online

Avoid The Orcs Game

Don't let the Orcs get near you!

played 3.163 times
Play Avoider
Avoider game free online

Avoider Game

Pick up the 8 balls and avoid the circles. Stay alive as long as you can.

played 4.554 times
Play Background Survival
Background Survival game free online

Background Survival Game

Guide the mouse through the obstacle course in 16 challenging levels. Collect power ups to help you on your journey.

played 3.083 times
Play Ballistic Balloon Bird Hunt
Ballistic Balloon Bird Hunt game free online

Ballistic Balloon Bird Hunt Game

A hunter flies with his balloon up on the air and tries to keep his balloon safe from birds that keep falling on it carelessly. Try to live as long as you can and get the highest sco...

played 2.791 times