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Hacky Sack Junior game

Play Hacky Sack Junior free online now. Keep the ball in the air as long as possible - collect balloons for combos! How long can you keep the ball on the air wh... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.348 times
Hacky Sack Junior game info

Click here to play Hacky Sack Junior a Flash game.

Hacky Sack Junior Game
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Hacky Sack Junior Online Game

Hacky Sack Junior Game Description

Keep the ball in the air as long as possible - collect balloons for combos! How long can you keep the ball on the air while doing some stunts.

Hacky Sack Junior Game Instructions

ZXC to move.
7,8,9 to switch character.
1 = Left Low kick
2 = Headbutt
3 = Right Low kick
4 = Left high kick
5 = jump headbutt
6 = Right high kick

0 - Pick up the ball.

Kick the ball with the tip of your feet or head.
Kick the ball to score points. (+1, +2, +3).
Kick the ball multiple times to score Kick Combo Bonus.
Kick the ball real high to score a bonus.
Hit multiple Balloons to score Balloon Combo's.
Keep Ball away from the Green X Balloon.

Keep the Ball from hitting the ground. If it drops your character will automatically attempt a Ball Save.
Keep an eye on the Clock, you have 60 seconds to score as much as possible.
You gel 5 Balls per round - Look out for the Extra Ball if you need it.

You Start with Two Ball Saves. Get a Yellow Balloon for more Ball Saves. Ball Saves will be used automatically as the ball drops.

You can play it safe by using the low kicks and headbutt. Every Character has his strengths/weaknesses. Use each Character to leam which one fits your needs. You will be awarded a Secret Code for your score, no matter what the score - watch the Character at the end of the game - he will disclose it to you. Every 500 points you will be awarded a Super Secret Code. You will need to use Secret Codes in order to progress and get higher scores. If there are many Balloons on the screen - and you have excessive Ball Saves - use a Ball Save to grab the points!

Play the Hacky Sack Junior Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Hacky Sack Junior Game Screenshot

Hacky Sack Junior Game
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Game name: Hacky Sack Junior
Played: 4.348 times
Category: Other games » Balance games
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