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Cannon Games

Go Have Fun!

Play Hot Spring
Hot Spring game free online

Hot Spring Game

How far can you jump in a outdoor hot spring.

played 2.706 times
Play Kitten Cannon
Kitten Cannon game free online

Kitten Cannon Game

Launch the helpless orange kitten into a field filled with bombs, trampolines, and kitten-eating venus fly-traps and see how long he lasts.

played 8.642 times
Play Le Jeu De La Poule
Le Jeu De La Poule game free online

Le Jeu De La Poule Game HOT

A chicken-aiming game !

played 2.113 times
Play Mime Mayhem
Mime Mayhem game free online

Mime Mayhem Game HOT

Hate Mimes ? Ever walked down the pier, enjoying a beautiful day in the sunshine, and being suddenly (but silently) confronted by an overwhelmingly annoying mime "performance". Well...

played 4.157 times
Play Pepsi Bucket Launcher
Pepsi Bucket Launcher game free online

Pepsi Bucket Launcher Game

Time to kick the bad guys out once and for all!

played 4.142 times
Play Pirates of Dance
Pirates of Dance game free online

Pirates of Dance Game

Only flying is better! Try and catapult DJ BoBo as high as possible onto the ship's mast. Press the mouse button to pour gunpowder into the cannon. The longer you press the mouse but...

played 4.621 times
Play Puppyred Cannonball
Puppyred Cannonball game free online

Puppyred Cannonball Game

Aim your cannon, give it power, and hit the enemy. Funny new version of the oldie Tanks. Set the angle of the cannon and shoot your opponent.

played 2.682 times
Play Quest For Einstein's Brain
Quest For Einstein's Brain game free online

Quest For Einstein's Brain Game HOT

When you entered Einstein's lab you saw that brain you've been looking for for so long. You almost had it, but you accidentally knocked down a radioactive chemical that spilled on yo...

played 4.751 times
Play Ragdoll Cannon 1.5
Ragdoll Cannon 1.5 game free online

Ragdoll Cannon 1.5 Game

For all fans of the pupa skill shooting game Ragdoll Cannon here a bunch of new levels. Again, at least one of your rag dudes has to touch the exit. Shoot the ragdoll guy from the ca...

played 3.683 times
Play Ren & Stimpy's Crazy Cannon
Ren & Stimpy's Crazy Cannon game free online

Ren & Stimpy's Crazy Cannon Game

Ren has loaded Stimpy into the kitten cannon. Now, see how far you can make him fly! Shoot Stimpy as far as possbile! Ren has loaded Stimpy into the kitten cannon. Now, see how far y...

played 6.131 times
Play Santa Launch
Santa Launch game free online

Santa Launch Game HOT

The aim of this game is to fire your flying machine as far as possible. You have to beat your opponent's best score in order to move to the next level. You have 3 attempts to do so....

played 9.706 times
Play Santa's Cannon
Santa's Cannon game free online

Santa's Cannon Game HOT

Use Santa's cannon to give the kids their presents! Aim the cannon with a slider bar and a button for horizontal and vertical control.

played 4.594 times
Play Stink Launcher
Stink Launcher game free online

Stink Launcher Game HOT

Launch items with the right distance and angle to hit all the attacking objectives. This game's main idea is quite similar to Boys vs. Girls. You choose boys' or girls' team and need...

played 2.645 times