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Catching Games

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Play Catch The Presents
Catch The Presents game free online

Catch The Presents Game

Evil sprite has stolen all the Christmas presents. Try to catch as many as you can. If you miss too many, Christmas will be spoilt!

played 6.709 times
Play Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger game free online

Cheese Burger Game

Catching the falling pieces of Burger to make the perfect ones. Prepare as many cheeseburgers as possible. You need to catch all parts of a cheeseburger in the correct order, The bot...

played 3.167 times
Play Chewrassic Park
Chewrassic Park game free online

Chewrassic Park Game

This is the chewrassic park! The monster chewie is hungry. Feed him with some chewits. Blow fire at the falling bags and then eat the candy inside as it falls.

played 2.729 times
Play Coconut's Day in the Park
Coconut's Day in the Park game free online

Coconut's Day in the Park Game HOT

Join every girls best friend in a sunny day romp. Help Coconut catch the falling bones. Bonus butterflies are yellow butterflies, they are 100 points and purple butterflies they are...

played 2.391 times
Play Collectophile
Collectophile game free online

Collectophile Game HOT

Three minutes of bubble busting goodness, steer and bounce through the levels!

played 2.684 times
Play Color Star Catch
Color Star Catch game free online

Color Star Catch Game HOT

Use different color paddles to catch catch different colored stars. Catch yellow stars with the yellow paddle and purple stars with the purple paddle. Catch power ups for special eff...

played 2.789 times
Play Doozy Gifts
Doozy Gifts game free online

Doozy Gifts Game

It's festive time in Doozy Land! And while Doozies are out for a spin on their personal aircrafts, you have the opportunity to play Santa Claus and shower them with gifts aplenty!...

played 4.824 times
Play E-on Energy Champions
E-on Energy Champions game free online

E-on Energy Champions Game

Become an Energy Champion and see how much you can recycle. Help the environment by segregating the garbage being thrown. Collect the recycling dropped from above by the selfish work...

played 4.355 times
Play Egg Catcher
Egg Catcher game free online

Egg Catcher Game

Become an Egg Catcher. Collect the Eggs in the egg-tray. When 5 eggs in the egg-tray. If you miss 5 eggs, you lose the game.

played 3.117 times
Play Fruit Chimp
Fruit Chimp game free online

Fruit Chimp Game HOT

You are a Chimp. Gobble the fruit treats falling from the trees before the Hunger Meter strikes empty. Avoid the cans, bottles & books or you lose a life for each hit and also get ne...

played 2.327 times
Play Garfield Coop Catch
Garfield Coop Catch game free online

Garfield Coop Catch Game HOT

Help Garfeild gather eggs from the chicken coop. Avoid those nasty fruit!

played 8.528 times
Play Garfield Food Frenzy
Garfield Food Frenzy game free online

Garfield Food Frenzy Game HOT

Food is actually falling from the Sky! Help Garfield catch his favorites while avoiding the HEALTHY stuff. Try to catch as much as you can before time runs out. Help Garfield catch a...

played 10.312 times
Play Garfield Lasagna From Heaven
Garfield Lasagna From Heaven game free online

Garfield Lasagna From Heaven Game

Lasagna, and other tasty goodies, are falling from the sky. Help Gaffield gobble as much of it as he can. but watch out for: books, vases, tv's and Odie. Help Garfield gobble as muc...

played 7.523 times