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Catching Games

by playsAmazingly FUN!

Play Parasite X
Parasite X game free online

Parasite X Game HOT

Blood cells are tasty, eat and evolve to survive. Your a parasite. You like to eat blood cells. The hosts body is trying to kill you. survive as long as you can. in this intense gam...

played 3.472 times
Play Koko Crazy Chicken
Koko Crazy Chicken game free online

Koko Crazy Chicken Game

The cruel eagle has stolen Koko the chicken's eggs. Koko is trying to catch the falling eggs, but the lion won't let him, and the stupid cows are falling on him from above. Try to ca...

played 3.402 times
Play Bacon Lettuce Tomato
Bacon Lettuce Tomato game free online

Bacon Lettuce Tomato Game

Bacon! Lettuce, tomato, bread, cheese, sardines. And BACON! Click flying bits of food to construct delicious sandwiches. Hurry though - if you don't make sandwiches fast enough, you...

played 3.238 times
Play Balloon Assault
Balloon Assault game free online

Balloon Assault Game

The objective of the game is to pop the required number of balloons within the specified time frame. Be sure to pop specially marked balloons for additional points and benefits. Beco...

played 3.178 times
Play Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger game free online

Cheese Burger Game

Catching the falling pieces of Burger to make the perfect ones. Prepare as many cheeseburgers as possible. You need to catch all parts of a cheeseburger in the correct order, The bot...

played 3.095 times
Play Mico Maco
Mico Maco game free online

Mico Maco Game

Steer the monkey and eat all bananas and bonuses thrown by the zoo keepers.

played 3.074 times
Play Caltrops
Caltrops game free online

Caltrops Game

A fun little game where you have to avoid caltrops and collect bonuses. Try to gain as many points as you possibly can.

played 2.996 times
Play 360 Supreme Catcher
360 Supreme Catcher game free online

360 Supreme Catcher Game

Starts out easy... Gets REALLY hard! To catch the balls your paddle needs to be the same color as them.

played 2.991 times
Play Egg Catcher
Egg Catcher game free online

Egg Catcher Game

Become an Egg Catcher. Collect the Eggs in the egg-tray. When 5 eggs in the egg-tray. If you miss 5 eggs, you lose the game.

played 2.990 times
Play Present Catching! (Mandarin)
Present Catching! (Mandarin) game free online

Present Catching! (Mandarin) Game

Catch the dropping presents, which all add your total points to get passed. Also, remember to get rid of the bad stuff in case of losing your points!

played 2.989 times
Play Life Buoys
Life Buoys game free online

Life Buoys Game

The ship is on fire! It is upto your skill to save all the people on board. Catch jumping passengers into lifebuoys and make their way to the nearest shore. One lifebuoy can hold onl...

played 2.949 times
Play Penguin Rescue
Penguin Rescue game free online

Penguin Rescue Game HOT

90 penguins have lost their way and will have to cross a deep cliff to get back to their homes. As a Seal, you will have to help them cross the deep cliff safely. Atleast 60 Penguins...

played 2.869 times
Play Balloonster
Balloonster game free online

Balloonster Game

Shoot the balloons that are the same color as your pins. Don't shoot other colors. To poke balloons of the "shoot color" and avoid hitting balloons of other colors. The more you poke...

played 2.856 times