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Catching Games

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Play Coconut's Day in the Park
Coconut's Day in the Park game free online

Coconut's Day in the Park Game HOT

Join every girls best friend in a sunny day romp. Help Coconut catch the falling bones. Bonus butterflies are yellow butterflies, they are 100 points and purple butterflies they are...

played 2.293 times
Play Fruit Chimp
Fruit Chimp game free online

Fruit Chimp Game HOT

You are a Chimp. Gobble the fruit treats falling from the trees before the Hunger Meter strikes empty. Avoid the cans, bottles & books or you lose a life for each hit and also get ne...

played 2.282 times
Play Save The Army From Blue Shark
Save The Army From Blue Shark game free online

Save The Army From Blue Shark Game HOT

While the army is practicing their parachuting, the pilot reads the map wrong. This place is a nest of blue sharks! Now all of the army is in danger. You must save them or they Will...

played 2.235 times
Play Piggy The Egg Catcher
Piggy The Egg Catcher game free online

Piggy The Egg Catcher Game HOT

You're a pig on a skateboard that's trying to catch the eggs dropping from a bird. Miss an egg and you lose a life. You can't make this stuff up.

played 2.140 times
Play Catch A Crab 2
Catch A Crab 2 game free online

Catch A Crab 2 Game

Can you catch those crabs? It's that time again! Four days of holiday which you will spend in the village with your grandma! Around the village there are great lakes for catching...

played 2.114 times
Play Karboom
Karboom game free online

Karboom Game

Catch the black bombs before they fall down on the ground and explode! Collect "KABOOM" to get an extra life and bonus points.

played 1.990 times
Play Tabuto
Tabuto game free online

Tabuto Game HOT

Catch all the falling tabs with your mouse to progress in each level and do not let more than 20 tabs to be missed or else game ends. Enjoy!

played 1.818 times
Play Super Hyberdoze
Super Hyberdoze game free online

Super Hyberdoze Game HOT

This girl is a sleep under a tree, Save her from scary nightmares. Click with the mouse on the nightmares that she is dreaming to prevent her from waking up. You have to click on the...

played 1.774 times